Woman Batters Herself with Hammer to Falsely Accuse Guy of Assault

Woman Batters Herself with Hammer to Falsely Accuse Guy of Assault

Woman Batters Herself with Hammer to Falsely Accuse Guy of Assault


This bitch of a skank deliberately battered herself with a hammer to make herself appear bruised in order to falsely accused a man of assault and get him in jail. Fully aware of gynocentrism and female privilege the society is plagued with, she didn’t mind her skank friend recording her, because she knew she’d get away with it if caught. Such is the life when misandry is the name of the game.

Note how to them bitches it’s all fun and games to falsely accuse men and destroy their lives.

Take the red pill for fuck’s sake and grow some balls, gentlemen. Women only want you for your utility. You can’t make them any more furious than by denying them your utility and instead using it to advance yourself.

Remember – women are shallow, superficial, and inherently incapable of loyalty or genuine love. A woman never loves you, it’s just your turn. Pump and dumb them thots if you can’t be without it, but don’t get infected with onetis. It’s a terrible disease that will leave you totally broken and is often fatal, as witnessed countless times at Best Gore.

She really should have hit herself in the forehead a few more times. Perhaps that may have beaten the privilege out of her for once.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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178 thoughts on “Woman Batters Herself with Hammer to Falsely Accuse Guy of Assault”

        1. Thank you Adolf Hitler for not joining in the relentless women hate. We do exist and like every single human we exist on a spectrum and there are extremist monsters (as shown), just as incels exist on the male spectrum trying to convince the world we’re all defective garbage. This gender war is ridiculous. Men and women are people, sometimes people really suck. Everyone is different, it’s always spectrum

          1. I was so confused by the female hate going on too.. as the men in my life are all very honorable and I treat them as such.. all depends on the person and whom they surround themselves. You are at fault with what you tolarate and not change that by no means to harm anyone.. is this person that’s smacking herself with a hammer a worthy soul? Absolutely not, that dosent mean others are not.. a adult should know this..
            The “pussy pass, whore, skank comments , blow my mind… definitely not trying to be around anyone that uses that kind terminology. A little self help and change is clearly necessary. This is a very messed up world..

      1. @shlomoracemixerstein interracialberg keepwatchingpornowitz,

        It sounds like a educated ( that elusive 10%er we’ve been told exists in America) nigger behind the camera. So if she’s hanging with moon crickets then she’s definitely fucking the aspiring rapper sprogs. Nowhatimsayin?

      1. Just the niggers, muslims and jews for the moment.

        Pakistan is one of the few nationalities (in that region) that I am prepared to tolerate although many of them are muslims. Many Pakistani’s have sallow skin and strikingly beautiful blue eyes very pretty faces so they may be excused.

        Sieg Heil,
        A. Hitler.

  1. Disgusting…

    It’s pretty scary when you start to research more about these things and realize how easy it is for them to do it and get away without a scratch or with just a slap on the wrist. There are plenty of evidence out there of women doing it in a variety of ways, like false rape accusations and even false pedophilia accusations so they can get the guard of their kid, and in most cases the guy gets the worse of it even if their innocence is proven the lies of the woman are exposed. All it takes is an accusation for you to lose friends, family, money, your job and even future job opportunities. Pretty scary, and men should indeed be scared of it, and always aware.

    1. I tell you what my friend. From the hands on experience. HARDLY EVER, a woman files a report if she is actually beaten black n blue by her man. 99% of the accusations are false. If a woman loves you, she would NEVER do anything to make you mad to raise your hand on her. She won’t give you any opportunity to be beaten.

      Also, not that I love to beat women, but a man MOSTLY beats up a woman for one of the three reasons, (its my opinion, my experience, and you can differ with it), either he is a week man and have other fuck-affairs and beats his woman out of his own insecurities, ORRR he raises his hand on his woman because she runs her foul fucking mouth all the damn time. Finally, a man would raise a hand in his defense because his woman must have hit him more than several times, that was my case, (we always had arguments about different stuff and she had a terrible temper issues). I asked my ex-wife not to raise her hands, and if I would ever return the favor, I’d tear her like a rag doll, which I eventually had to do because she couldn’t control her temper, and conclusively she was unable to walk for several days (poor mother fucking baby). I gave her the phone, while beating her up, asked her dozens of time to call the cops, her bad-ass brother, or who the fuck ever to come and get me, but she realized she was wrong. She never ever called the cops or said anything to anyone, even after we were divorced after a couple of years. But guess what? She NEVER raised a hand on me either.

      A man like myself would not beat a woman IF she has a fuck-affair – I’d straight away dump her. Hence, a real good woman does not run her mouth and call you names, would never give you a chance or a reason to beat her up. Whereas, MOST of the accusations by women are FALSE. If a woman loves her man, she’d stay quite even if she’s beaten, but will correct herself, since she would know what had she done wrong to deserve that.

        1. @masterplan
          Thank you my friend, but Satan has a long ass life. Doesn’t die that quick. But she is living a miserable life. I kind of feel sorry for her and I DO help her whenever I possibly can. Do I want her back? Fuck no…! I help her just because I think I can and I should. Has she learned her lesson? She claims she has, but I reckon she’s crazier than before and has several fucked up relationships after I divorced her. All those men have beaten her black n blue as well. I don’t know their reasons, but all the men can’t be wrong. Oh well…!!!

          1. @darkrose

            Nahhh! You are way better than that. She doesn’t deserve that anymore. She’s been diagnosed with some kind of crap and is on some crazy pills. To my money, she is more than half-ass crazy. I reckon, she has reaped enough. I honestly want her to be a better person, not just for others, but for herself too. I believe if you mess up others lives, you end up messing yours. We are given two hands – one to distribute, the other to collect back what you have already given away. Its your choice what you give to others.

            But thanks a bunch @DarkRose. 🙂

          2. 9×9 sounds like a complete fucking pussy. Beat up woman for control? Lol so tough. Put her in her place by being a man not by beating up a weaker creature. Outsmart her, leave her. Good options…but u gotta carry out small dick syndrome

          3. @deathrattle6981

            Yeah keyboard warrior??? I sound like a complete fucking pussy??? Thank you very much. 🙂 But at least I am not a “faggot’s dick” like yourself.

            You must be a teenager who has never had any women, otherwise you’d understand, which of course you don’t. In due time, you’ll learn. But in order to do that, you’d have to stop the infatuation of penises and start taking some interest in straight sex.

            End of discussion!

          4. WOW, so you’re fine with men who do abuse women? Holy shit, I thought I was fucked up. Sounds like you’d get along great with my ex husband. Nobody has the right to beat a woman or didn’t your mother teach you that?

  2. White trash pig of a skank whore! I hope the marks showed “Stanley” clear as day to add to her stupidity! She should be immediately sterilized and not allowed to spew out any offspring that will inevitably be as fucking stupid as she is!

    1. I’m amazed she didn’t actually batter herself with the claw end by mistake.
      It’s kind of retarded to get someone film you doing this shit to yourself. What happens if it falls in the wrong hands? No wait…..it DID fall into the wrong hands! LOL

          1. You misunderstood spinkter. I said I piped your mother behind the tool shed.
            And just so you know, I’m not trying to replace your father, but, If you ever want to call me dad, I would honored…son.
            Now go fetch me another rubber and a cold beer.

          2. You’re missing the larger point. I am splitting your mothers vagina with my meat steeple. And those swirling turd stripes in your toilet every morning…mine.
            You better have the grass cut when I get home.

  3. This stupid whore is just one of billions. We’re not all the same. Coming from someone who has been truly abused by a man and scared for my life on countless occasions, I have to believe karma will come for her ass, pull out her intestines and hang her alive by them from a cottonwood. I don’t feel like a victim and never told a soul when it was happening because not all girls want attention or pity. I was weak and I shouldn’t have let it happen

  4. Wow, that is some white trash shit right there… I’ll bet she’s the kind of bitch that goes out to eat and complains about something every single time just to get a free meal or a discount.
    She should have used a knife instead of the hammer, a knife glowing red hot after leaving it on the stove.

    1. @ countingbodieslikesheep, dude she’s not a nigger. (Acting like one though) Niggers do that complain to the waitress shit and then ask for the manager and say the waitress was being all racist because they complained about their uncooked food lie. Then they demand to be comped for their food bill. And then don’t even leave a fucking tip when they got yet another handout from some White suckers. Truth is stranger than fiction.

      1. I was a waiter for years and almost every black table would do that plus never tip. I also worked with other black servers and they didnt even want to wait on other blacks. lol black people are the worst

    1. Your dad was dead-right……!!!

      I’m sure she’s a mobile bank of STDs. You can open several accounts simultaneously – Gonorrhea account, genital herpes savings account, syphilis monthly savings account, candidiasis regular account. All you have to do is just insert one time investment of your most personal possession between her legs.

          1. @asskingforanal

            Smart boy…!

            On a side note: Strippers are not whores, and whores are not strippers, though some are and some can be.
            Keep on having good “relations”, but stay away from “Ships”. Sometimes, you sink in a ship. 😉

  5. She definitely fucks niggers, you can tell. She has nigger fucker look, the kind of look that screams low IQ ham beast.

    The nigger males consider these types of white women to be a trophy whereas we consider them to be trash that black garbage men take out.

    From what I can see it is mostly always libtard and feminist women who fuck niggers anyway and they also tend to be the ones who make false accusations the most so it goes hand in hand I guess.

    To conclude. She is a ham beast and a nigger fucker.

    1. they actually mirror each other in every way: entitled, low intelligence, parasitical, childlike, collect welfare, breeders, selfish, ungrateful, contribute nothing, violent, impulsive, materialistic. il not go on or il be here a long time. but yeah, mirror images.

  6. > Take the red pill for fuck’s sake and grow some balls, gentlemen. Women only want you for your utility.

    It saddens me that all of you men who believe that, are only limited to a certain circle of bad apples, and judge everyone by them.

    Yes, 85% of women are like that. But then again, 85% of ALL people in this world are shallow, ignorant, pathetic and without any moral integrity.

    When you yourself are not like that, and you surround yourself with the right people, you can have a mutual and fulfilling relationship. Now, if you’re only surrounded with women who treat you like a human wallet, did you think what does it say about yourself?

    1. Legit, ty for having a brain!

      It’s in poor taste to write this article like every woman is fucked up like this “thing” it looks like an Oompah Loompa for fuck sakes!
      Not every woman is bat shit crazy like this cunt. She clearly has mental health issues that went on too long and she just lost it one day. Narcissistic personality disorders are pretty ugly.

      Oh and do you think that Dom/sub relationships have this problematic drama?
      A submissive girl would never disobey her master.

      1. Well, I’m not too much into SM. I did have a GF for 4 years, and not once she asked me for money, and denied whenever I offered to buy something for her. After 4 years of amazing love and passionate sex, we realized that biology and chemistry has worked out it’s magic and the love candle has started to fade. So, we talked about this a parted calmly. Not once in 4 years have we ever raised a voice on each other. This is because we treated our relationship as a gift, not as something we’re entitled to, not thinking that we owe something to each other.

        These days, I’m kinda into free love and swinger community. Maybe I will find the one, maybe not, either way is fine with me. It’s when you have this mentality dictated to you by society and your biology “Oh, I need to find a women who will love me, and I need to have children from her, or else I will not be happy”, then you open yourself to be trapped in a relationship with consumerist cunt.

        1. It’s still good to have variety ya know 😉 it’s a different sensation, the best way to describe it would be the bass from a dub step concert when you stand in front of the pa lol
          he’s been a good boy learnt some new tricks today massaging and worshipping my ass. Having a nice ass gives me back problems :/

  7. I had a cunt ex make false allegations on me. Hit herself in the face, put nail marks on her neck and had a roller blading accident that she used. I represented myself in court and blew her bullshit out the water. The nail marks on her neck weren’t where they would be if I was strangling her like she claimed. I also had a recording of her telling the truth. She fucked a dr for fake notes and flirted with the rookie bitch cop. All of which I took on in the court room and dominated. 3 year case 6 hour trial and guess what happened to her when she was found out to be lying. Nothing. Great system Canada. Fuck

  8. He should’ve pounded and hammered her for real (no pun intended) and treat the bitch like she deserves. Hopefully she’ll learn her lesson from the embarrassment of her little stunt backfiring but I doubt it. Next time she tries to set someone up she should just hang herself.

  9. One of my ex’s did a similar thing to me although not quite as crazy as this. She didn’t do it to get me arrested, just for sympathy and attention. I could have got a severe beating off her dad and uncles, fortunately, they knew her as well as I did and that she was full of shit.

  10. OMG that’s so fucking funny! That right there is your average woman. Lmfao! Not to mention, look at her stupid ass little pussy count face when she “hits” her arm. Man, sometimes there just isn’t proper words to describe such a degenerates behavior.

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