Woman in Flip Flops Slices Her Own Throat Inside 7-Eleven

Woman in Flip Flops Slices Her Own Throat Inside 7-Eleven

According to the info I got, this happened at a 7-Eleven and the star of the video was allegedly a tourist from Russia. It seems to take place in some kind of English speaking country, even though the “Madam, stop now!” guy is probably Pakistani.

The video shows a short haired woman in flip flops apparently slicing her own throat with a knife. There’s blood on the floor so she did cut under the skin, but her cuts are mostly superficial. If she really meant it and applied some pressure, she’d drop to the floor really fast and there’d be a much larger pool of blood.

I wonder if she’s on drugs, bipolar, or suffering some other form of mental illness?

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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        1. What a stupid bitch. If you’re gonna do it, at least research your anatomy. I actually laughed at this one, the ignorance is staggering. She even looked at dude all defiant and shit, trying to slice. We see ya honey, so stop. You’re making a mess lol

    1. Back when I was a kid in Buffalo, 50s-60s, we had this neighborhood deli called Laurie’s. It had all sorts of cool stuff at decent prices. Laurie was Lebanese. What a character. He had the accent, he had that style. The place was a hangout that you’d hit once or twice a week to check in. It was timeless.

      1. Absolutely right! Yet only Poms call Indians Asians!
        Indians are of course Of the Caucasoid peoples except for very far south .so they are not “asian”or Mongoloid people.
        In addition, india is a subcontinent so probably gets a mention in itself.

        I am not taking anything away from what you have said,all of which is true,i am just adding to it. Geo nerd me!

    1. When I was a kid, a lot of people made a big deal about Nehi, orange or grape. Forget it. For me, it was Coca Cola – Coke. Put the nickel in, move the bottle out, cap remover on the side of the chilled box, enjoy the moment, and put the bottle in the case.

      Nothing better on a summer day after playing ball.

    1. In ancient Chinese medicine, they talk about a pressure point between the big toe, and the index toe. When pressure is applied to this point for an extended period, it can drive the person insane. Not all thongs lead to a positive outcome.

  1. Fuck, if I had to choose how to die it would be by shotgun to the head or pistol to the back of the head either asleep or if awake by my own hands not gonna, happen mind you, because rational survival instincts would prevent me of doing such things, yet one would have to be really far gone or near their end to do such things in the darkness of their mind.

    I wonder what was she on or what was she thinking during this time of her mental state rational or not or emotional or not. Anyone want to take an educated guess?

    1. Probably high on crack. The only way I’d commit suicide would be off a shithole depressing dull Soviet era apartment block in some hellhole ex Soviet Republic knowing my life is worthless and was doomed to die in the rusted remnants of glorious communism where in the distance all you see is smoggy skies from smockstacks while you stand there in coldness thinking of your miserable job in a factory. Your shit car made in the glory days of communism. With no prospect of ever seeing another country. Yup only in those circumstances would I kill myself.

      1. Interesting, suicide is one of those things that seems to be the cause of human mental illness or by choice have you ever had the desire for someone to take your own life before but you know no one would do it? I know I had but I choose to keep myself alive so I can hope of being in a better situation or maybe become a better person of some form of self worth or purpose yet because I question my existence searching for my own damn purpose that I don’t know what I am going to do in my life I realize that my own existence isn’t due to God or Devil but based off of the circumstances of which my birth mother was raped and then I was adopted into a loving somewhat functional yet dysfunctional family and shit bringing my reality into this shit again I digress that my own problem not yours. Haha fuck it all, as I say we keep ourselves alive because we must it is one of the few and or many things that keeps us going me I struggle with my own, as we all do but suicide is an answer but also not the answer from what I realized and from what I’ve been told and learned it can cause more pain or joy depending on the circumstances of course but hey whatever is whatever.

        1. There are no words that describe how helpless it feels to be soaked in urine from screaming for help while trying to hold him up high enough to save his life. Or the decision to run as fast as I could into the house to get a knife because everything was tossed and thrown through out the garage moments before the nuse was already ready. I can’t erase the image of his life less blue face and I just cut as fast as I could he plummeted so hard smashing his head on the hard cement and then trying to not to slice the jugular because I could loosen the extension cord fast enough and still have to go back the kitchen all the way back over the pile of wreckage because my phone was in the house charging. Thank goodness I had just plugged it in and knew exactly where I had left it other wise I doubt I would have been able to do CPR alone for five full minuts it was so hard I was screaming my arms hurt so bad my toes were broken from standing on my tiptoes before cutting him down. The 911 operated just kept telling me I was doing good and I was so exhausted I gave all compressions to keep the o2 going to his brain I was going to give up when she said OK give Him a breath so I opened the airway and gave him a breath I heard a rumble from his torso I gave another and he coughed that was when I finally seen some flashing lights in the front of the house and I could hear the dispatcher telling them we wer e in the garage. They took him in sadly he was released premature with the help of parents who blame me. And he never got any help nor did I with no health insurance I have had to cope with it for almost two years now waking all hours of the night screaming for no reason or just the startled scream I have no control over any more has become an issue. Don’t worry it gets even better two times now separate attempts one unintentionally induced. I thank goodness I know more now what I had been so ignorant and oblivious to. For me the profound impact on my psychotic episodes consist of life time seizure meds that are so expensive but 3 total episodes of grandmal seizure activity that was near death each time is pretty scary for my family especially my mom because she knows that lack of sleep and menstral cycle is a precursor. Im not good at taking meds so. It’s hard to remember and I hate drugs especially pillss. When you have enough money to buy anything you need and you make sure your wife can’t stand to be around the constant bipolar episodes and sleep on your pull out couch bed in the garage know if full well that going in the garage Every time is like a frantic frenzy of intense anxiety that is evil. But here I am awake again watching him make sure he is not dead in the house somewhere. Drugs are the direct result of mental illness and I will attest to nothing can ever be worse but I guess I would never know what I do with out such trauma. I never missed one day of work during any of it either 7 years never ever called in until the seizure activity now 2-3 time s in two years I have missed all of the day and part of two. My employer s co-workers have no ideai have to leave that part of me at home aand focus all my attention on being the best I ccan to help my patients feel at ease I try not to ever even look at my phone until I get home unless I have to call my kiddo/kiddos only one left at home.

          1. Hey buddy, I went to the comma store, and bought around this many ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just for you. Sprinkle them randomly if you like. No charge either, cause sharing is caring.

      1. @42ridick,

        “Oh how true you are,
        For if one to live,
        How should one die?

        And if one to die,
        How should one cope?
        How it begins and how it all ends?
        Yet we must persist in this existence, for it seems be the only thing we care about.”

  2. Usually a mental illness is a prerequisite for these types of activities. Diagnosed or undiagnosed. Medicated or not medicated. To me, it would have to be some kind of mental illness when somebody takes a blade to their own throat. Doesn’t matter if it’s a cry for help or not, definitely unstable.

  3. She cut her own throat for other’s mental disorders. Retards on this site for instance. Some psychotics know how to make themselves look sane and blend in like chameleons.

  4. “She is an unpublished novel waiting for people of the same demonstrate read her” ~Micheal Faudet~
    hush hush shhhhh.. everything is nothing when we just shut the eff up for a while and enjoy comfortable silence.
    PS . Women in red. you never can tell she either chooses lipstick or she sticks with high heels. psychotic is with out variations of such extreme. For true psychotic bitchs always wear both. True confessions basially basic bitch
    That’s why I believe in pink. Kiss kiss

    1. Hold on. I’m going to try to channel Sphinx for this one. “So Svarg, you’re saying someone should have HITlHER?” Either way Svarg, someone should definitely hit her with a right, a left, a right, and then a third Reich.

  5. Awww… Now who’s gonna take care of her cute little pet??
    I’ll bet he’s gonna be so devastated when it hears the news…
    I can picture its adorable, buggy little eyes staring up in disbelief like I was lookin’ right at it… Oh well, I know he’s a trooper, it’s time to move on.. looks like it’s back to the sand mines with this one…

  6. I think this woman may have some form of mental illness, obviously.
    Or it could be a perfectly sane woman with emotional baggage just looking for attention.

    I actually find it very difficult to distinguish between the two states, lol. And then I really, really wonder why a fine dude like myself is single, LOL!

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