Young Man Brutally Circumcised Traditional Way in Western Kenya

Young Man Brutally Circumcised Traditional Way in Western Kenya

Young Man Brutally Circumcised Traditional Way in Western Kenya

Almost four years ago, minus a month, a video was featured on Best Gore exposing the barbaric practice of traditional circumcision in Kenya. Meanwhile, the lies that promoted the barbarism to the more degenerate regions of the world no longer have a leg to stand on, yet still the barbarism keeps being practiced by the less inclined to wake up.

God created man to his image, which means God himself is unmutilated. And as I have always said, the difference between a mutilated and an intact male is that the latter has a choice. The former doesn’t; he will carry his grotesquely disfigured dick for the rest of his life without a realistic chance to undo the damage. All he’ll have is cognitive dissonance. In the sane world, you don’t see intact men lining up to get their dicks disfigured.

New video of a young man getting his penis circumcised the traditional way in Western Kenya is below. Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Well, with the whole fucking village watching ”the procedure”, he couldn’t act like a pussy, could he? Lol
        Thanks @thorgrum Glad you like it.The moment I saw it I knew it’s going on my profile.
        Too bad you can’t see the best parts: her face contorted in a grimace of pain and her wet dripping pussy.

        1. @reginaphalange, your rite when you get the balls up to do something you say your going to do you can’t puss out you will loose all credibility! And if the hole village is watching you’d better go through with it! Could end up being you tied up with one of the village women grabbing and yarding your junk upwards with the knife underneath it ready to scalp your cock and balls off!! God that would be terrible, loosing your junk would be a fate worse than death, i suppose loosing your tits would be the same for a woman. Where or what is that pic from? And I know what you’re saying about not being able to get all of the picture into the background pic area. Had a hell of a time with mine took me about 30 minutes to get it size down so it would fit. I would love to see the rest of it! Love me some wet dripping puss it’s a sighn your doing things rite. I love when my girl comes when I’m pounding her, The pulsating feeling on my dong feels amazing…..oh! Sorry you got me distracted with the wet pussy talk! Athletic women are super hot! If they’re in good shape you know the rest of it is in good shape mmmmm. Do you suppose they were playing with her to get her excited, and then decided to turn the knife on her titys?

          1. @reginaphalange thanks for the full pic!! And if that was her idea What a crazed psychopathic lunatic! Finding the nipple might be kind of cool,… Is the nipple the prize? Or if you find the nipple maybe the a prize is you go under the knife! Kind of sad though seems like a waste of a good titty. Again great background pic pretty much sums up the world of BG.

          2. @reginaphalange , it has been a long time since we heard from you.

            That is your business of course, but I would hate to think you are staying away because you displeased a few people. That does not necessarily make you a bad person. It also does not necessarily mean that most or even many people here hate the sight of you .

            So ,in my stupid opinion , you are still liked by many people here or at least don’t piss off most people , so you being here shouldn’t be a problem.

            Come back and say hello every so often .

  1. This is beside the point but god doesn’t have a dick. God is neither male nor female because god is a god. That’s what they tell me anyways. Now Jesus…yes Jesus was a healthy penis carrier….but I haven’t a clue about whether or not he was still a member of the foreskin club. I’m assuming he was.

    So I just wanted to give a shout out for our dickless god …I say that not in a bad way! Please don’t strike me down! I’m totally talking from a physiological standpoint.


    Now I shall watch this vid and I’m sure I shall watch it with clenched teeth and legs

    1. If God does exist then it most certainly does have a dick……….on its head for the way it created this world.

      Also. Clenching your teeth and legs is a good strategy when facing any nigger male, lol.

      1. Hmm…now you have given me something to think about @ empty…

        Could you imagine a god with a penis on top of his head…like a top hat…like a Fred Astaire…firing shots of spermies all over the place

        ‘Putting on my top hat’ pew, pew, pew; ‘tying up my white tie’ pew, pew,pew..; ‘brushin off my tails’ pew pew pew

        And yes, I do try the clenching trick whenever I’m in the vicinity of any massively unproportioned penised individual…

  2. Hey that was pretty quick…he didn’t flinch either. Still pretty barbaric I must say.

    Now I wonder why the green chair was there. And I wonder if they had a blue chair instead of a green chair, if that would make a difference to the role of the chair.

  3. As an adult, I’d never want a circumcision.
    It would be that one day in 200 years where an earthquake shook the building.
    Or there would be a surge in electricity and my schlong would be cut off.
    Or the Dr. would have a stroke and cut it off.
    I recall reading about this poor boy – David Reimer – who had a botched circumcision. The Dr. burned his shit off using Electrocauterization.
    The parents decided, “well, let’s go with Plan B and make him a girl. And also, let’s not get our other son circumcised.”
    Shit didn’t work out and he committed suicide at 38 by suck starting a sawed-off shotgun.

    1. Yes. A sad story! I’m also against routine cicumcision for babies and i’m glad to say that most hospitals in the western world no longer do it as a matter of course unless the parents insist. Yes ,Yes ,i’ve heard all the reasons men and women like it but it means shit in the end .

      In fact ,if i had my way even jews and mohameddans would not be allowed to do it. Only exception; medical reasons!

      First , it is forced genital mutilation that takes away much of the sensation in boys and this should be treated like female clitoris-cutting or snatch- sowing -up in the Western World . Barbaric and illegal!

      Secondly , supposedly to keep it it clean is a lot of bullshit. In today’s Western Society we all have access to very fresh clean water . So just as we as a society expect a woman to keep her snatch clean and fresh , the same goes for a guy. Wash it daily at the very least!

    2. It was fame seeking Dr. Money who was bent on proving Gender identity is determined by nurture not nature. Money work at John Hopkins (known for pushing forced circ) and shamelessly manipulated the boys and parents to his needs. He needed Bruce (aka David) castrated. Done. Years of having David and brother compare naked bodies and taking intrusive photos. Money really did a job on the boys. David had a mastectomy and neophallus made.

  4. Over half of Africa wants to come to Europe pronto. How do you mix oil with water and expect to be still able to drink safely? Hard to fathom why anybody would practice this shit in 2020. I get that the traditions of marking and mutilating in African tribal life are barely cold and probably this mentality is playing it’s part here, but you have to worry about basic intelligence levels in a world where the information that this shit ain’t necessary is easily available. This has got to be about attitude and compliance due to a severe lack of critical thinking.

    I was in Sicily in 2016. I was sitting outside a bar watching a football game with a sprinkling of locals. My GF had fucked off because she didn’t want to watch it. In the distance, I saw this tall well built African guy walking along, passing each establishment and stopping along the way trying to sell stuff to folks sitting outside. He was getting zero response and didn’t labour the point either, nothing like you would see in Morocco for example. he barely asked and was almost moving on before the answer came back “ no thanks”.

    I watched him as he got closer. A guy no more than mid twenties. As he got to my table, I could see he was peddling African carvings and figurines. This got me thinking…. Now this was Sicily. It was fucking hot. far from fucking Africa and around noon time, everyone was hot and trying to cool down, distracted watching the football. There he was, walking aimlessly in the heat with his big basket of African wears. When he got to me , I said hello! Kinda startled him. He expected me to wave him on too. I said sit down I want to talk to you. Lol that really surprised him. He sat. Are you a migrant. Yes. How long have you been in Italy. Two years. I said, tell me something, why in the fuck are you selling African stuff here? Now this really perplexed him. I could see it in his face. He was completely stumped to understand the question let alone reply. I said again, why sell African carvings in Sicily? He shrugged his shoulders and said that’s what they gave me! Who gave you? The people at the centre he said.

    Ok , so here was the deal…. he got rescued in the Mediterranean, put in a centre and eventually let out to wander the streets trying to sell this shit. I felt sorry for him because the idiots who primed him were largely at fault. We all largely start out in life not knowing what’s, what and we learn along the way, but I like to think that when I was his age, common sense would have told me that this shit didn’t fit.

    I asked if he was hungry. Yes. I ordered pasta and Beer and we had a good chat. He was kinda softly spoken guy. But I could see that although he looked well fed and healthy, he was downtrodden. Look, your wasting your time with this shit. What they should have given you in stuff people can actually use. There is a myriad of little items you could be selling. Like tissues, phone chargers, wipes, hats, belts, lighters, nuts, sunglasses, etc etc I could list a bunch of stuff of the top of my head. He looked at me blankly. I realised something. He had probably all his life been told what to do, and more importantly he probably saw little if any real entrepreneurial activity around him, save for the typical fresh markets selling foods.

    I know kids today in the west have it easy, and don’t have to think, so can‘t do shit. But we have to recognise that wider society has a subtle and significant influence on you, and you end up knowing how to do things because of it. I tried to put myself in his shoes when I was his age. He sees a very different world than I ever did. Everything that is technological or sophisticated comes from outside his world and it is absolutely predominantly White.

    He wasn’t necessary stupid, he just wasn’t primed to think for himself. But I wager if you plucked some 26 year old white marking Executive off the streets of New York or London and dropped the two of them in a Strange jungle with absolutely nothing, I know which one my money would be on to survive.

    We had a good talk and enjoyed the game together. I told him to tell the fuck-wits back at the ranch to give you better shit and that he didn’t want to be selling African shit anymore.

    I also gave him an idea…… I had been staying in Taormina and had discovered to my surprise that my phone SIM either wouldn’t work there, or my UK sim would, but the roaming charges were astronomical. (It was still before the new EU regulations cane in) I wanted a local SIM for internet and calls and I had walked the length of that fucking place and could not find a single SIM card/mobile phone shop anywhere. Everything you could think of was for sale along the tourist strip but no SIM cards.

    I had to take a 30 minute bus ride to Giardini, to find a telecoms shop called Wind. So I said to him, go back to the centre and tell them to give you the money to start selling Wind SIM cards in the big tourist areas especially Taormina. So many Americans walking around looking for SIM cards. He would do very well indeed coz I would have bought one off him in a heartbeat.

    It was so obvious a missing service I initially thought there had to be some kind of block on it, but no, they told me in the Wind shop they didn’t know why anybody wasn’t selling their cards in Taormina.

    Eventually I was about to say goodbye and good luck. I thought abort giving him some dough and wondered if it might offend him. I decided fuck it, I got up and we shook hands. I gave him a €50 note. He took it and said thanks and I swear to god the tears streamed down that black kids face like water over a falls. I’ll never forget it. I tapped his shoulders and smiled and said don’t let the bastards grind you down. He smiled too and we parted.

    I like you will be gone from this fucking world soon enough, but this shit is bound to keep happening for fuck knows how long.

    Peace out.

  5. everyone mad over this lol. buncha fuckin pussies wish they had a pain tolerance like that. probably cry like a bitch clipping your toenail i bet. or maybe you are just jealous you cant suck off his raw cock? which is it??

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