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480 thoughts on “Fansigns”

          1. This is probably the most amazing description I’ve ever seen about cutting…
            I feel the same when I do it, even though I’m not that brave to cut deep..

    1. I’m not really into cutting or extreme body mods. I don’t even have tats, but i don’t judge. I enjoy watching other do it though.

      I recall stapling my fingers to the bone when I was 10 years old, but don’t remember what drove me to do it other than curiosity. It was interesting to feel the rough wire penetrate the different skin layers and finally hit the bone. It’s laughable compared to what most of you guys do. So , I guess thats why find it fascinating to watch.

    2. i cut all the time, i started when i was 10 years old, now my stomach legs and arms are covered in scars, i have a gash on my arm that i cut a nerve so it still hurts sometimes, im honestly trying to stop doing it, only cause of my boyfriend, he hates it, i love him so im trying to stop even though i cut yesterday and got my hand stained with blood and my jacket stained, i like the feeling, but yea

      1. You can stop, get help, talk to someone, do it for your future, live life, don’t let it live you, your actions are not one of a weak person, you are strong, so be strong, get the help and live well xx best wishes

      1. Typically an individual who self harms suffers from depression. Self harm comes in many forms besides physical; I.e starving yourself or not wearing a seatbelt to potentially protect yourself. It’s a form of releasing stress; it actually raises euphoria and a sense of relief. But on another note, on this site, it’s for the love of gore and the sight of blood that runs down your skin. Body modifications and severe scars could potentially be for that bloody aesthetic. It also could be a combination of both said scenarios.

        I don’t condone on hurting yourself (coming from someone who use to cut) nor do I condone the act of doing it just for the aesthetic; but this is a site for those who enjoy gore and don’t experience discrimination for what they find awestruck. I hope this was clear enough for you, I recommend researching more on this topic if you’d like to know more. Otherwise enjoy the community here; they’re family to me.

      2. I wonder the same. I harm myself, mildly.

        I think these pics are ridiculous. Self harm is something I keep to myself and try to hide everyday, so I’m not sure why these attention seekers enjoy going public with it.
        See a therapist dudes and dudettes. Or smoke some ganja and chill the fuck out. It’s nothing to brag about, its sick.

      3. Some people use tattoos and piercings to get that rush, or find more beauty in self harm and scars than a tattoo you picked of the internet and had some stranger put on you forever. Some people are out for the attention but most of us are just decorating our vessel as we see fit.

    3. I would love to, but I’m always scared to go deeper (that would make bigger scars and gave more blood)

      Any ideas how to get rid of that scaredness guys? Not something like ‘get drunk’ or like that, more like if I should tie my arm or anything like that..
      I want to publish something here too..!

      1. Koko is married. πŸ™
        Grin is lovely but seems jaded. πŸ™
        Lascerated has a bf and is rude and self righteous. πŸ™
        Amber. Eh *shrugs shoulders* she’s pretty but I’m pretty sure she likes frat boys.
        BUT! CHICKEN (LAYLA) hot damn, I love this girl and have never exchanged any form of words with her. .. Fuck me I’m drunk. This took like 30 minutes to write

  1. So I am a dude. point 1. I want to have a picture up on fansigns. My initial idea was to stick the handle of my Ka-bar knife up my ass and write best gore on my cheeks or something. Nothing has ever been up my ass before, minus a slim ladies finger, point 2. Ka-bars have an odd shaped handle for striking… that which I am not too excited about. Point 3. So to make sure what requests Goregians would like to see… to guarantee my spot of fame, and my ass not being probed in vain…please let me know. And no, I will not put it in blade first. Maybe some play piercing, or pliers? IDK but someone make a unique request to include in the photo, to verify the legitimacy. The request I choose will have their name & thanks scribed on my chode. (and technically claim to my anal virginity) I will consider all ideas until March 6th. Yours truelove, Crazeone.

    1. Well, firstoff, PLEASE ABANDON the anal gayness of what you are thinking about doing to your butthole.

      2nd: You don’t have to cut yourself to sheed blood, but you could cut somebody ELSE and borrow THEIRS (if you promise to give it back, there willingness to lend a hand/wrist/leg/neck etc. might come forthright)

      and, 3rd.
      NONE of us REALLY want to see ANY DUDE with someting up their butt.
      Save the “asshole verginity” for the rest of your life, and be HAPPY that you did.

      (Just a few thoughts, and, last but not least, NON scarcastic advice to You)

      Wait a few months, I have no idea who you are, what you like to do, how old you are etc. but if you somehow fuck yourself up, or, have a FRIEND that fucks themselves up, keep 2 things with you.
      A CAMERA phone and a SHARPIE (color choice is completly up to you) so, write Best Gore, and SNAP! Instant FanSign….This, in fact, is SUCH a good peice of advice ((in my opinion)() that I will do this myself.

      See you on the site!

          1. i picked up a recently unpluged iron and carried it to another room wear my mom was didnt let go just wimmpered until it was removed from my hand…dont remember it happening but i do faintly remember the doctors srubing the wound and then just the wound.. just like that picture but fresh

  2. Writing best gore on my fingers so it looked normal in a mirror was rocket science. And it’s barely legible, not that I have the best handwriting to begin with. I actually have no recollection of actually posting it.

    1. there should be a BEST GORE FORUM where topics like desastre’s tits and eyes, Baked nightmarish visions in Florida’s swamps, the concept of DEMON SEED and it’s antropological and theological implications can be discussed in depth

        1. DESASTRE means DISASTER in spanish, for example you can say “mi vida es un desastre” (my life is screwed) , or “los espa?oles fueron a Flandes en el siglo XVI e hicieron un desastre” (spaniards went to the netherlands in the XVI century and they made a disaster)

          1. where are you from tulio, if you dont mind me asking?
            i’m hispanic/european, if you too are hispanic/european, then you must be my clone/ or vice versa

          1. hmmm I saw someone posting stuff about the fact that since the fansigns are on BestGore it’s starting to look like a dating site for people who are just a little disturbed. Just like me. The thing is: In real life I get enough attention, and I’m not seeking for more. It’s not a beauty contest, I mean.. for ME it’s not a beauty contest, I just wanted to show my love to BestGore! And now I find myself feeling ugly because some idiot really wants to tell who is the prettiest. I think all the girls all pretty, so shut the fuck up. And people who just liked my pic, thanks! πŸ™‚

          1. Woot! Who knows if that’s true. But I’m stoked I remembered that. I’m also stoked about being homeless soon. But i’ll have my favorite job back and the woman of my dreams! I’ve never been happier to be couch surfing

        1. I lived on my own from 17 til 22 and shit got out of control with my ex fiance. So I thought it was a good idea to move away. Worst idea ever. Anyway shit sounds awesome right now so I’m stoked. (drunk as well) we’ll seeeeee how it works out I suppose.

          1. no, i give a shit. good to hear things are fixed. I live alone with my uncle who is single, and its obvious by the looks of me and him that a companion in life goes a long way. i’m only 18 going on 19, so i guess i have time to find a chick. But it sadden’s me seeing my uncle/”father” slowly rot emotionally in this horrible ghetto, with no love one. again, congrat’s. …great, once again i ruin best gore comment’s with gay dr.phil shit.. i’m sorry mark…

          2. i posted a really long and emotionally gay reply, but luckily i don’t think it posted. so in simple terms i say, congratulation’s martyr.

          3. Sorry about the lack of response. I’m not very good at taking about these sort of these things. That sounds pretty rough. I guess the best you can do is help him out anyway you can. Sorry I’m not any help

          4. WOW did i say all that?
            i have schizotypal personality disorder, the abilify i take makes me say top notch-crazed/ faggotry things. please disregard it ALL.

        2. Well every part of my plan just went out the window. So now I’m getting fucked up. πŸ™‚ I fucking hate women. I’m hopping on the dude train now. I wish my chest said fuck bitches get money instead of count your vblessings

    1. πŸ™‚ I think I just went off the charts. I was like half a fifth of vodka deep at like 1pm. I’ve continued drinking since and have now come to.baked do you have a fb? I’ll reactivate mine to her your email if so. And angry chicken. and of course my dear razorblade grin. I love you hahaha

        1. I’m you mind activating it and finding me sup I can get your email or something. And also so I can have an excuse to look at layla/angry chicken. And of course razorblade grin. Dear fucking lord she’s beautiful.

    1. And this is exactly why i stopped coming to this site everyday; This is not a dating site. and lets be honest; did you want to make a gore fansign (no real blood) or show your naked body to get attention from the men on bestgore. GORE NOT PORN. unless it’s bloody porn, which it isnt, cause paint aint blood..
      Fail, ladies, fail.
      Halie, yes you’re hot, props, go send your nudie pics to..oh, i dunno, your boyfriend? a dating site?

      This place is less about gore and more about boobs everyday.

      fail to all of you. Ima go not visit BG for another few weeks cause you people are lame.

      1. Well… I’ll keep my trap shut this time around.. but your point of view is noted, thanks. On a brighter side… did you catch that four man beheading?? Gold.

      2. Oh dear. I’m not even gonna bother with this argument.. appearentely the internet is one big dating site. Because people interact with one another. Isn’t there new gore every day? Sometimes multiple times a day. The gore is always present. You choose to view comments? Why complain? Cause you’re too hardcore? Cause you liked commenting before it was cool? (hipster joke) but I’ve said my piece. I mean no harm gem. You’re still awesome. amber get off gems dick and quit riding her coat tails.

          1. No thanks are necessary, I wasn’t defending anyone. Just stating opinion and hopefully voice of reason. Everyone gonna hate sometime. I feel like I should bash on you, but it wouldn’tbe cool anymore. Fuck fitting in! Haha sorry I gotta poke fun at everyone.

          2. I was just thanking you for spilling out my point of view into decent words… but I take it back… Eat me. (;

        1. Long before the internet, bitches called everybody who took wind off their sails a slut. Now that we have internet, bitches call everybody who takes wind off their sails a slut. Bitches are too predictable. They don’t change.

          1. Thank you too!! And I’m sorry they kinda bashed on a you a bit a couple of days ago… My fault.. I appreciate your point of view and again- sorry.

      3. O my Lord, you spoke aloud what I’ve been thinking all along, it is almost sickening, the hijacked threads that quickly turn to lewd talk and it’s a big turn off, not to mention distraction from the main topic. I believe I’ve been guilty of it somewhat, but not sexually. Thank you for saying what I was thinking, glad I’m not the only one…. -_-

          1. Really?? I LOVE my infinity symbol… I love a guy who has one too!! It’s got a lot of meaning behind it..

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