16 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by Huckleberry, USA”

  1. gaatjenitaan, it’s really difficult, in my opinion, to articulate the specific reasons WHY people who self harm do so. The reasons motivating the self harm are very individual, but the psychology associated with this behavior is very similar across the harmers. I understand, from a close friend, that it relieves tension and anxiety, that it feels good (seeing the blood reminds her that she’s still alive), that it’s one step closer to suicide, that it’s cathartic, and that it is very soothing and relaxing (her words, not mine). I used to cry when I was helping her to cleanse and bandage her wounds; she would say, “Don’t cry, honey..it’s almost the same as getting really drunk), although the hangover is a scar, which lasts forever.

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