15 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by KatieMatie, United Kingdom”

  1. I Hope my gore picture makes the post… I love to cut & let ants dabble in the blood makes me feel like road kill…. Off to drain my veins. My last blood transfusion was April 8th time for more blood…. Nite nite katiematie I worship u….. Night fellow goresters

  2. That’s a bloody impressive scar.love how creative the BG family is.And I love that we can share shit like this,other people would think we are fucked up.I feel so at home here in BG.that scar is impressive though.

  3. Out of interest, how did you not drain/run out of blood. What did you exactly do to stop this impressive / gigantic wound and also not to get infected, if not gone to the hospital.
    I only want to know this for … educational purposes.
    I admire your will-power.

    Thank you.

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