30 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by LadyLazuras, Texas”

          1. Jjjjjesus πŸ˜‰ <3. I would love to see your teeth someday. I would compliment the shit out of them. You know, that's something I've yet to run into on here. People fucking up their teeth. Or rotten teeth, hmm. Well, let me go venture through the two centennials of gorey gore of the best kind.

      1. I am doing well my doll!

        Bit of a pain on the old job front.. But I am at a crossroads at the moment.

        I am at that point where my future career depends on a phone call I am about to get very soon!

        I wish I could use some of this energy I am currently using on worrying on giving you a damn good seeing too!

        But that is me being vulgar. Blame the nerves. :-P.

        1. In due time.
          There is a time and place for everything. I wish you the best in your career. I hope that phone call brings good news. πŸ™‚
          Vulgarity is always welcome. Don’t apologize for anything! I blame you, and only you. So ill hold you accountable and take corrective action accordingly!

  1. I’m here, my @Lady. My account was hacked three days ago, now trying to make contact possible for us elsewhere so it doesn’t happen again. I am cute, as you say, but fussing about a lost connection with you has been hell. Don’t lose faith, we’ll find a way.

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