13 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by MATRICIDE, New York, USA”

  1. That is what it looks like after you had a colostomy bag for a while and then had a “takedown”. My wife has the exact same scars only her scars were put together slightly better. Somehow her stomach ended up lopsided. (She has some subcutaneous fat so it’s not muscle that’s lopsided)

  2. Sorry guys, late respond. It’s all happened from a very violent incident. My scars came from intestinal perforation that resulted from getting a temporary ostomy/fistula. I was really sad before and after 2 years they reversed in order for me to shit normally despite of the ugly scars. While I was healing the surgeons told me to eat a lot so it will build up fat to support my stomach that’s why I got this beer gut. However, every time I lose my appetite I get skinny real quick which I am now. Things changed my life and now I know life is all about loving your love ones, giving them something positive to remember and not doing stupid shit. Take Care all.

    1. Hope everything worked out better for you over the years since this and don’t knock your scars, I used to until I realised that it was really the only undeniable proof I felt my mind had to reassure me of my own existence and past events. Think of scars as markers in time for the roads you’ve been down so you can map things out better in your mind ….. Or maybe I’m just thinking too deeply and I’m now talking shit, fuck knows have a good life

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