8 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by Obliterator, USA”

  1. this is an twelve-year-old branding that i did with a wire coat hanger twisted into loops and hooks and heated on a gas stove…the pain was intense because i couldn’t do it in one shot, i had to burn the top part and then the bottom. it got infected because i didn’t take proper care of it and was in agony for a week, probabyly lucky i didn’t lose the arm to tell you the truth…it’s a second degree burn because it penetrated the upper layers of the dermis…although it has faded some in the last twelve years, it used to look a lot worse, with raised “bubbles” .

  2. I hate to be burned. I used to be a cutter. I used to cut just deep enough to bleed. I felt like even the tiniest amount of blood released all of the bad things inside of me. when I was a small child I would knick my fingers to feel alive. Often as a child I thought I only part of a dream. the slight pain let me know I was real. my grandma thought the little cuts were accidents where my grandpa left razors around.

  3. I absolutely love brands.
    I won’t lie… I’m too much of a pussy to ever burn myself intentionally.
    Even small burns keep me awake all day with the stinging and itching, and wanting to scratch it to shreds, lol.

  4. Branding is hard core. I had a friend who was a football player. Guy had huge biceps and got two horseshoes on them with a branding iron. Didn’t bring him much luck those horseshoes. Got divorced, became broke and had a massive heart attack and died. Had to be excruciating. Hope you did lotsa fun painkillers for a while. I woulda probably overdosed on the bitches.

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