28 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by srhplrd, Virginia”

      1. Dude, if you don’t like women then you won’t understand.
        A chick with pierced nips is always gonna be fun in bed.
        It’s certainly not a sign of stupidity or low life activity.
        I make a 6 figure salary as a “healthcare provider” and my wife comes from “old money”. We’re tatted and pierced up. I just wear a suit and no one knows or sees.
        So fuck your opinion, “bro”.

  1. Those are perfect for a good ol pearl necklace action though now that i’ve returned to look again. Maybe I am weaker than I thought. Wonder what they look like if she stoods up, in her case I think they are legit large breasts not gravy flap jacks because she is a large lady in charge. Laying on her back spread eagle deep dicked they’d bounce which is ideal 🙂

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