35 thoughts on “Best Gore Fansign by AmberAntagonist, USA”

      1. Sympathies about your failed conquest mate.

        Brit girls are worst-then-average in Europe, but they do age comparatively well in comparison to our tanned cousins across the channel.

        Most Manx girls are beautiful Tulio. It all dates back to the war, when our fair isle was used as an internment camp for the Italians. After the war, a lot of eyeties didn’t leave. As a result, a huge amount of Manx are part Italian… Their spawn having the fair skin and decent aging qualities of a hardy Gael, and the stunning beauty of an Italian.

          1. *Laughs*

            We can shoot a Scotsman who proclaims himself to be a conquerer on any day of the week matey…

            It HAS to be with a bow and arrow though… Else it is a bit of a faux-pas.

          2. hahaha, someone should write a compilation book of all that british common-law weirdshit….considering the vast amounts of italian prisioners taken on Operation COMPASS only, they probably could had used them to repopulate PAKISTAN with easygoing christian subjects happy with some red wine and pussy, and wipe out these AKBURS that are now plaguing britay, hahaha…

          3. Maybe we should write a book? The pool of knowledge on this site rivals any university campus.

            Its interesting all the quirky, little laws that exist in all Anglo-Saxon/ Celtic nations, but what infuriates me; is how a man, drunk behind the wheel, can kill a 12 year old girl and serve only 2 years of a 4 year sentence.

            That is the real weird thing about our nations.

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