It has been proven now scientifically that Best Gore members are well endowed and physically attractive. If you’d like to become a part of the divinely awesome, you can make your mark on the Best Gore’s walk of fame by sending in your own, self crafted kick-ass fansign. Everyone who’s badder than you has done so already. You can continue being the average, or you can rise to the eternal glory and make the world look up to you. The choice is yours, send your submission using the Contact form but don’t forget to mention where you are from in the message:

480 thoughts on “Fansigns”

  1. Hi all, i come from Qu?bec , i discover Best Gore last week , i love gore , i watching too, but best gore is better because he tell the story behind the scene….i read all 154 pages in 1 week…lol , and i read all comments too from my FANSIGNS….i hope make my fansigns soon as possible too. My best hystory come from this 1GUY1CUPOF87MMDIAMETER, its fucking crazy shit…..i never thought read all the history of that guy when i see its video for the first time…….

      1. Thx Lascerated, no kidding, i learn a lot here because Mark explain(the story) in a simple words , not too hard to understand.
        Je viens plus exactement de Saguenay ? environ 2 heures de Qu?bec(la Ville).

        And you where you come from? You understand my french words ???

        1. Oui, je te comprends.
          J’habille au Montreal, mais ma premier langue est Anglais, alors excuse ma francais >_< c'est une langue tres compliquer!
          J'ai jamais comprends comment utiliser "le" et "la".
          Je ne sais pas si le nom est F/M v___v

          1. Ah c,est cool ca un gars du coin…..S?rieux tu est super bon et tu fait des efforts , c’est toute ? ton honneur. Oui le fran?ais est un langue vraiment fucker ? ?crire, je suis d’accord avec toi, la plupart des fran?ais eux m?me on de la mis?re ? ?crire….loll

            Si je peut te donner un petit truc pour ”le” et ”la”…comme par example….

            tu as dit ”ma fran?ais”,ok, et bien c’est mon fran?ais parce que le nom qui est f?minin ? g?n?ralement ”sauf exception” un E ? la fin du mot…..comme

            Mon fran?ais et si tu veut le mettre au f?minin tu dirait genre….Ma fille est fran?aisE…..ajoute un E ? la fin…..

          1. OH my! you just don’t stop, huh? you bad girl πŸ˜‰ I’m gonna tie you up to a pole and pull a rope with a car driving in circles, you’ll become lollipop and lick off all the sweet blood off your cadaver. you’d like that, huh? πŸ˜‰

          2. I was always told not to stop.. (; Lick off my sweet blood huh?? Any chance you can park the car and lick a few other things before my last gasp??

          3. Yes, that was my main priority πŸ˜‰ You’re going to be an awesome costume, I’m going to wear you as i masturbate to the video of your death. πŸ˜€

          4. Man… I really wish I could watch you fuck you while you watch you fuck me and die… Hmm, what a stump I’ve been put in…

  2. This page is called “Fansigns” for a reason. Anyone who doesn’t wish to see Fansigns, should stick with any of thousands of other pages on Best Gore or get the fuck out of here all together. People who took time to show support for Best Gore by custom making a fansign are contributors and I make protection of contributors my top priority. Best Gore has a “no personal attacks” policy in place. No one, no matter who you are, basing their attack on a fact that a member contributed to Best Gore will be tolerated. End of story!

          1. Actually, I don’t really care about my face book page bein’ seen, but why when you click on your name does my page come up????

          2. Haha I think I fucked the link up. Cause it’s difficult to do on my phone. I think it’s just the fb main page. Cause it takes me to mine if I click on it. Haha that’s funny that it looks like I’m stalking you haha

          3. @magic, HAHAHA, I thought it was my ex-wife tryin’ to fuck with me! HAHA. The shit that was goin’ through my head, HAAAA.

          1. i don’t think so, trannies usually lack that female ‘histeric’ pseudo-jealous trait of getting pissed off when another female/tranny/whatever seems to get the attention of most men on a given place/cyber-place etc

      1. Thanks! I didn’t want to cut it into my arm, it seemed so cliche :\ this also hurt a little bit more, lol.

        And I love my hair too! πŸ˜€ I wanted dreadlocks but my hair’s still too short to do it, so I decided to do something which also had something to do with the rastafarian-culture. I’m still going to get dreadlocks, but when my hair on the back is long enough. I’m keeping these colours though πŸ˜›

        And yay, paint me! I feel like an artwork on legs right now!

    1. The Best Gore sign in it seems photoshopped to me. The submitter checked off box certifying that they are 18 years of age or over, but the image as a whole strikes me as sort of fake. As if the photo was stolen from somewhere else and Best Gore digitally added to it. I think I’m gonna remove it under suspicion that it’s not authentic.

    1. Wasn’t ever booted, Mark’s a nice guy.. Got tired of the unnecessary bullshit.. 20 btw… Still visit the site, laid off commenting.. blah blah blah… Still talk highly of this gore and socialize “” bonks.. I ooVoo too, some BG people.. fun gore chats.. welcome..

  3. Aloha everyone, I’m a “Newbie Fan” here at “Best Gore(2 to 3 weeks new), I’m originally from the small Hawaiian Island of Kauai, although I now live in S.California at the moment. First-off, I’d really like too say “How much I enjoy “Best Gore & it’s cool-ass Fan Base everyone here strait-up kick’s fucking-ass!”…all the people here at Best Gore &, seem to be just the kind of people who, I myself actually would enjoy being around as well as interacting with! I see a ton really cool people, with a shit load of heart &, constitution, along with really blunt yet way cool, & an extremely open minded group’s of people &, personality’s here at “Best Gore!”(this is the kind of site &, the kind people who I would consider to be REAL in so many cool, & different way’s!) I found Best Gore when a not so open minded yet, long time friend &, fellow collage Class mate of mine had said that said that “he had(as a student test project, & 20 page report.)found four short online flick’s(-I’m sure all of you guy’s already know which four flick’s I’m about to mention…3 Guy’s 1 hammer, 2 kids 1 sandbox, 2 Girl’s 1 Cup &, 1 Guy 1 Cup.) that most people couldn’t watch from first-last &, beginning-end…& man was he right 87% of the people who took study test, couldn’t complete the test study! So, on a recent road trip he told all about his test study! So, I said to him “give me the test” &, so I grabbed his laptop &, I took the Pepsi Challenge… needless(I wasn’t too worried about watching the four shot flick’son the test…I guess I was just born lucky with a strong gut)too say I ended up being part of the other 13%, but while taking the test I kept on noticing an address…Best! mile after mile &, hour after hour, “I found myself sucked into the coolest website to which led me to probe down deeper into depths of my mind, & into my own personal “The Best Gore Delta 9 420 Zone!” &, after that one day, in the car &, on a long-ass road trip I’ve became an instant fan…I’ve now been here at “Best Gore” almost everyday ever since that trip, I’m happily enjoying everything, & everyone here! I find myself learning about a world just off the beaten track, I’ve been learning more about a part of this world from a real, & honest point of view!!! I’ve just sent a few cool creepy pic.’s from my own “Personal Digital Photo Album”…of Jones town, Pogo the Clown aka Serial Killer John Wyne Gacy Jr. I hope you will all enjoy them, with many, many more too come! -Thank You too all of You Guy’s at Best Gore! Sincerely, SKYWALKER.

  4. Hey, how’s it going chaps and chapettes? I’m Charlie, not new to BG but have never really got involved in the community before. Been visiting the website for over a year now. So yeah just thought I’d introduce myself to you.

    On another note had a dream last night that i got injured at work (im a bouncer) by some crazy dude with a machete! It was a really vivid dream and well if it comes true then I’ll be sure to get some pictures, reckon that would be a fucking cool fansign!

  5. I sliced up my finger at work, while struggling to open a can of mushrooms, and my first thought with all the blood, is “where is my phone? I need a shot for BG.” Needless to say, I wasn’t able to get an action shot, just one as it was healing. But, I didn’t write BG on my skin. Bummer…

  6. Ugh I would love to do a fansign, but sadly it’s summer, and people at my work would be assholes about seeing cuts on my arms. I don’t like the idea of wearing long sleeve shirts either, it’s hot as fuck enough as it is in my black shirts. Guess I gotta wait til winter.

  7. After months of stalking, I just noticed this today! This is cool. I shall post one. I’ve been checking out gore sites for over 10yrs and this is my favorite, by far (no ass kissing). And I love the balls pic! Totally made me LOL. Crazy. πŸ™‚

  8. Man, years ago I wrecked my rice burner on the freeway when I hit a dog…lost my ear, broke three ribs, shattered my arm and tore off the scalp on one side of my head cuz wasn’t wearing helmet…wishing I had pictures to show off on this site. Now I only have scars…was over twenty years ago!!!!

  9. @baphovomit I used fake blood my bro left behind. Why not put it to use..hes just starting his fx projects, masks , etc. I think cutting yourself is pretty lame but to each their own!

    1. I mutilate myself often; cuts, burns.. It’s an adrenaline rush, releases endorphins.
      Unfortunately it’s addictive, so i’ve been at it for 12 years now (im 22), and with my anxiety, ptsd and depressive disorders it’s become a default relaxant when im stressing to shit.
      Old habits die hard, i guess. It is pretty lame though, i will admit.
      Decent rush however.
      Too many people do it for there NOT to be something to it v___v

  10. My name is TwistedKitty and I… am a noob.

    Thought I should come out from my lurking position to say hi out of respect for such a fun bunch of people (although a bit demented, but aren’t we all in some sense?) Maybe my Fansign will be up soon, who knows? πŸ™‚

  11. Jeez, cute girls plus cute guys.. I wonder if they’ll hit on each other in the comments? Mraaah, another bout of insomnia, I guess its time to go cut myself and finally make this fansign. I intended to make it all sexy n stuff to show yall up but I guess you can’t put gore and porn in the same post without offending someone.

      1. Thanks. I tried to get a better shot of my cuts. Ive got bruises and scrapes galore from a couple recent dumb drunk moments, but they are barely even noticeable on camera. My hip cuts look glorious when theyre bleeding but i didn’t feel like reopening them.

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