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@loosythepoosy I read your comment Lucy. I made this thread for one reason, for people to say what their issue is.. If they don’t like the comments then fine, but just don’t reply to them if they are not directed at them.. Whatever issue people have let it out here. The reason i rip on you is cause you have the ability to rip back.. You know who you are and that’s all you need to know.. I don’t rip on anybody who doesn’t rip back to some degree.. I enjoy doing it, I find it’s a good laugh, some people can’t take jokes and that’s fine, I wouldn’t rip on them because they would go to moderators all serious about it cause they don’t have a sense of humour. I figure if people can come to a gore site and watch people die then I figure they are not pussies and can take a joke. All that aside, there is in fact people here like itsplaster who is constantly argumentative and her comments are not jokes but genuine, take her up on it an she doesn’t care.. Won’t admit to her fault. Now that is different compared to what we do. Do you not think this site could use some humour because of the death and gore? And I mean there is threads here about people saying who they would rape! Come on! That’s allowed? Mods have Nothing to say about that? I have my limits but I would never say I would rape somebody and neither would any of the ‘alphas’ here. You might think we are cunts but we are not.. In fact one member has even contacted me outside this site asking about where I was etc cause I wasn’t on in a while.. We all enjoy each other’s jokes etc.. Have you seen me rip on anybody who didn’t rip back? And another thing I don’t like is threats! Thedre made his little threat against uncledilf.. And the mod warned uncledilf, very bias don’t you think? You have your business and I can respect that, but our comments are not going to take that away and you know it so you rip back. I myself run my own business, I own 2 apartment blocks, 9 houses, 2 leisure centres and 4 recording studios. Music is my passion. My net worth this year is 26.2 million minus debt. I don’t live a life like that though, I’m simple in that way.. Average house, good car, bike, don’t spoil my family or spend wildly, I would be bored in a year or so and would have done almost everything. That’s when drugs come into play cause there’s nothing else to do with your money and your bored. Not me. I prefer to have a laugh and enjoy what I can normally.