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When I was 19 I was at my local club with friends and as the bar was closing a couple of the girls with us asked me if I wanted to go with them to a party. I was keen to go because one of them was as hot as hell and I fancied my chances. The other one looked a bit like something St. George might be interested in slaying; she had a nice body but a face like a bag of spanners. Anyway, it wasn’t too far away so we decided to walk there and we passed the home of St. George’s future target along the way. She said she needed to pop in to get changed before went to the party and that it would only take a few minutes. I was left alone with Michelle (the hot chick) whilst Janet (the dragon lookalike) disappeared. Unfortunately for me Michelle was wrecked and was nodding off on the bed so there wasn’t much of an opportunity to begin to move on her. Janet was taking forever so I just sat there mentally undressing Michelle. (Btw, the names are real).

After about 15 minutes the bedroom door opened and Janet walked in……wearing nothing but a see-through nightie. Everything below the neck looked fairly inviting but the Gorgonesque form on top of her shoulders was quite off-putting. I made a comment along the lines of “Is it a fancy-dress party?” but Janet just said, “What party?” I’d been set up by Cinderella and one of her sisters and dear Cinders apparently didn’t want to go to the ball. When I realised what had happened I decided to call it quits and leave. However, Ugly Sister had other ideas and said I was going nowhere until she’d had her fun and she said she’d make me a laughing stock amongst my buddies if I didn’t play along. She pushed me onto the bed, straddled my face and lowered what I can only describe as a rotting, rain-soaked badger-skin onto my face. I was left with little choice: either eat dead badger or suffer humiliation amongst our group of friends, both male and female. The latter option wasn’t a situation a 19 year old wants to endure. I had to put up with that “badger” for what seemed like an eternity as each time she got close to orgasm she’d pull away to savour the moment and then settle down on my face again. I kept hoping and praying Michelle would wake up and join in but she didn’t. Personally I think she was awake but just lay there pretending to be asleep. Finally she had her orgasm and then wanted fucking. When I was close to shooting my load she made me take it out and stick it in her ass to finish off and when it was over I pulled my cock out to find the end was covered in a layer of shit which almost made me puke as it smelled so bad.

I guess most guys wouldn’t have minded going through something like that but for me it was the worst sexual experience I ever had. Was it rape? No, I doubt it would seen as that because I could have walked away but I was definitely not a willing participant and only did it because I was under threat of humiliation amongst my peers if I didn’t co-operate.