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Lord Wankdust

I was living in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s (it is a looong story and not worth telling here). I was having a small social pint or two with a couple of women I vaguely knew. One had a face like a nasty axe wound and was very chubby, the other was a disinterested and highly ugly lesbian but we were on the same University Course so we were just being sociable. Before I knew it I was a bit tipsy and heading back for a “nightcap” at the chubby one’s flat (apartment). I think my drink was spiked. I awoke the next morning in bed with the curvy chubby monster and before I could escape she went down on my Morning Glory which was a considerable object in those days. I was full of lager farts and the stench must have been terrible. I actually had to stop her at one point because I needed to take a shit. However, I don’t like to disappoint a woman and I had started to feel sorry for her as she was a bit of a swamp donkey. I felt societiably obliged to let her suck on my cock again. When I returned from totally stenching out her toilet my member was still sticking out like a horse’s handbrake. I sort of decided to let her suck it for a bit, but I wasn’t going to let her take my jizz.
After about twenty minutes of letting her (out of pity) enjoy giving me a blow-job… she slid her big wobbly body up onto my lithe, youthful frame and impaled herself on my meaty lovepole. I protested but she kept on sliding up and down on my love missile. Every time I tried to slide it out her hungry cunt slid back onto it and engulfed me. It was terrifying. Her considerable weight bore down on me like half a dozen sacks of coal and forced my shoulders down into her sagging mattress. Escape was impossible. I realised that I was just going to have to lie back and take it from the hippocrocadogapig.
I often suffered from Priapism when I was a young man and she took full advantage of my endless supply of rock hard erectile cock-tissue. Her horrible big saggy tits slapped against my chest and she nearly suffocated me with them at one point. She was also hairy round the nipples which added to the general horror. I of course was completely unable to squirt any jizz to end the ordeal so it went on for ages. After the first half-hour she came for about the tenth time and lay panting, her full weight on me rendering me totally incapable of movement or escape. As I withdrew my throbbing meaty love piston she twitched her orgasmed-out cunt back into life, confusing my cock-movement for some kind sexual interest (the kind of self-justifying “reasoning” which rapists use to legitimise their actions) and started sliding her snapping stench-trench up and down my terrified cock. She ground her slimy minge onto my groin and started flexing her cunt muscles all the way up and down my shaft while gripping it at the root with her savage labia majorae. She was soon rocking herself off on another slimy orgasm while I pleaded with her to stop. I actually passed-out at one point. I think she must have beaten me back into conciousness by slapping me across the face with her dumpy tits.
I realised that as long as I stayed erect she was going to continue riding me. I focussed on dreary thoughts of pots of cold soup, rainy walks along miserable beaches and my dead grandmother until my erection started subsiding a little. I then faked an orgasm and when my sloppy joe slid out she rolled her heft off me and started twatting her clunge with her fist. I made my escape by running to the toilet and taking my pants with me. When I got back and was pulling on my shoes and shirt she had rolled onto all fours and asked me to do her doggystyle. I ran out at this point. The rest of that year at University was one of fear and stealthy avoidance. I blame my final degree mark of 2:2 squarely on this incident.