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And what makes a slut a slut is fucking guys they find attractive and whom they have no plan for a relationship and nothing has been established to make such. I don’t care if they are fucking movie stars, celebrity’s , models, ect…. It doesn’t matter if you reject 1000 guys who offer to fuck if you’re still going out and fucking guys because they’re “hot” and make small conversation with you. Most women like doing this, guys standards are lower when it comes to who they will fuck for just a fuck- but women you can reject 1000 dates, 1000 fuck request, at the end of the day if you’re dressing to reveal your feminine curvature and or skin, you desire the attention of men. And when the princesses get it and the said man is not up to their standards they reject. Plain and simple, now that’s just biology and I can understand that- But that same night when you fuck “hot” guy with no means other than to fill your sexual desires then continue the pattern that’s when you become a slut. As men our problems with attracting women is being up to physical standards first and foremost, then comes money, status, personality. As a women its simple. Look feminine and find the guy you find attractive and who isn’t just engaging you for sex. @lucythepoosy @itsplaster and when I say you I wasn’t talking about either of you I mean women in general, since you two seem to be representing women in this debate