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Death Pod


In that particular drum solo Marco was demonstrating limb independence and teasing some polyrhythms while maintaining the theme of his groove. I don’t know if you noticed his footwork throughout but it was on point. Then some of the more seemingly dull stuff when he was exploring the tone of the drums and all that double stroke stuff on the cymbals and feathering on the alternating kicks you see on either side of him and in the back. Sometimes the more technical and crafty a drum solo becomes the less exciting it is. Which is why I would say a lot of solos are boring. I wouldn’t personally liken it to Jerry’s ridiculous drum kit or him clowning on the set but that was funny! What do you like in a drum solo, or in a drummer in general? As far as skillful and (still) explosive drummers go, some of my favorites are Simon Phillips, Thomas Lang, Mike Mangini, Thomas Pridgen, and of course the king – Buddy.

I can totally relate on the guitar solos point. I’ve played in several metal bands and I despise how guitarists always have to set aside entire sections of songs for a bunch of ego driven wankery. If something benefits a song then awesome, but to have a stupidly repetitive formula for song structure irritates me. Death Metal, which was mostly what I played, is the worst offender.