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I’m a David Silveria fan. I know, quasi commercial, but, I’m a fan. Multiple albums with multiple bands and never hear the same drum fill twice. Superb drummer and more technical than one would think.
Tim Alexander is another great drummer (pre heart attack of course). John the Fisherman is one of my favorite songs ever.
I eventually settled into a very Chad Smith type of playing style. It’s kind of a “generic” style in that it incorporates very well into so many different metal genres. From RHCP (totally NOT metal) to Static-X to Suicide Silence and so forth.
I’ve hung up the sticks to do the single dad thing but my son is quickly learning all the classics like Tool, The Cult, Janes Addiction and even Ghost. He loves “Square Hammer”. It’s funny though that he’s afraid of Mayhem. “It sounds scary daddy.” He’s 5 y’s/o. Admittedly it is a pretty fuckin’ satanic act. Geez. Wtf is up with Attila? Haha. Like him better than Dead though.