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Do you think I don’t know that the Trinity is BS? Like I said in my earlier post, I know more about the scriptures than most, including those who accept the Trinity. Take a look at the longer post of mine that is addressed to Mark and you’ll see the part where I quoted some verses from chapter 8 in the book of John. Verse 42 makes it perfectly clear that Jesus is not claiming to be God at all. Who sent him? Himself? How ridiculous! In that verse Jesus says he didn’t come here of his own initiative but of the one who sent him i.e. God. If Jesus were God then he is telling an untruth there, but wait! God doesn’t lie! Later in the quoted verses Jesus says he speaks the truth therefore he didn’t lie when he said he was sent by someone else. Logical conclusion? Jesus is NOT God, nor does he claim to be. This is just one of many scriptures I could refer to in order to disprove the Holy Trinity. Jesus never claimed to be the equal of his Father and before you try the “The Father and I are one” trick, a bit later Jesus asks God to protect the disciples that they may be as one “Just like You and I are one.” In other words, keep them together as a united group just like Jesus and God are united together.

Gods in triad form go back a long way before Christianity, and there are many of them. A prime example of them is Isis Osiris and Pan Horus. Many ancient artefacts have been discovered showing statues or smaller carvings with three heads representing the pagan triads. The Romans had their triads too and when Constantine adopted Christianity as the Roman faith it was merged with their pagan beliefs. What came out of it? Yup, another Father, Mother, Son triad, this time God, Jesus and Mary. The vast majority of so-called Christianity today is tainted with these pagan ideas, the Holy Trinity being one of them that was introduced by Babylon the Great aka The Roman Catholic Church. I do not accept those teachings and neither does any true Christian. You said at the start of your post that Christianity is a lie and that is not true; it’s FALSE Christianity that’s the lie.