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GDPR Harvester


That’s ok, girl, you don’t have to explain to me 🙂 Just keep an open mind because you never know what you might come across in the future.

With regard to the cold feeling from the bible, you’re not the only one who gets that feeling. Many ask, if God is so loving, why did he allow and even condone and encourage some of the things that went on in the OT? The difficulty they have comes from the fact that many have no idea about the full meaning of the scriptures. They think the bible is just 66 books that have been put in one cover which is just not true. It is all connected from page 1 to page 1500 (or whatever amount of pages it is) and there is real meaning behind it all; unfortunately people don’t see it, including the vast majority of the clergy. It’s only when getting the full understanding of it all that things fall into place and everything becomes a lot clearer. But like I said, I’m not going to preach but I’m here if you want to tag me and ask something. 😀