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John Nigger

I have always found it interesting how people proclaim their “love” of (((jews ))) while spreading jewish propaganda. It is rather sad to see people constantly virtue signal while being completely ignorant about the truth of the most deceptive group in all history. The Jews are no doubt clever, but not of superior intelligence. (((They))) have the power that they do because they work collectively towards common goals that only benefit jews and have so for millennia. These goals often are at the expense or detriments of other groups. Jews are not burdened with altruism, Jewish culture is centered on only what benefits Jews. They see all others as beasts put on earth for the soul purpose to be used by Jewkind. Jews do not consider any action against Goyim no matter how evil the victim perceives the action, to be sinful or wrong. The Jew is expected to be deceitful and trick Goyim out of his possessions for if he does not he is breaking Jewish law. The concept of Hell as a destination for the wicked does not apply to jews. A Jew sees no moral consequence in using non jews for his betterment, in fact he sees it as his divine right and duty. The Jew has spent millennia perfecting his craft of being a societal parasite. They have been expelled for this behavior countless times throughout history. They have always sought to have monopolies on systems of influence that allow them to control public opinion (media) (entertainment) control of common law (jurisprudence) in coordination with control of commonwealth (world currencies) (banking and finances) The federal reserve, International Monetary Fund and many others. Here we see a small group of people less than %1 of mankind who control %97 of all wealth, control all media, they control all western governments, all educational institutions, basically they run the world just like their father Lucifer. Don’t be deceived, you won’t get any mercy from them by virtue signaling or spreading Zionist propaganda.