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Mr Spock

It’s not far from the truth. Women have it easier in all aspects of life (apart from the privilege of walking home late at night knowing that you can fight if someone attacks you. Ok, that one I agree is the only one men have).

And yet the universal idea is that women have been oppressed and held back by men for centuries. Did ALL men do that? To ALL women?

At work my colleague was saying how his sister is studying engineering. My female boss said its nice to hear girls doing STEM subjects. I was like: So what’s stopping them??? Go for it!
There is a claim that women earn less than men generally. That’s because they go for careers that are paying less and they study less demanding qualifications even in competitive careers. They are told they can ‘have it all’, i.e. marriage, family life and career. But of course you can’t be effective in your job if you have to pick up a child at 4pm every day or leave at 5pm on the dot (unless you have a partner on a beta salary who should do it). Oh sure, you may have done YOUR job efficiently, but someone who is relying on you for something has to make do without because you’ve buggered off home.

This is not misogyny. This is a logical observation. I believe women have the same potential as men, but because of the issuance of pussy passes, they haven’t had to evolve competitively and dangerously the way men have. As the article says, men have to compete and be victorius or else learn from someone who defeated them.
Women do not like losers but it’s not about that. Men’s self-esteem is based on mastery of processes.