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Well both of y’all beat me to the answer…and honestly girls take on careers in certain things not because they want to actually learn to be an efficient employee in that field but rather to get a degree that says that they are nurse, engineer, tech, etc….they don’t neccessarily care about being the best at what they do…but more about acting like they are Gods gift to earth because they are now a nurse or whatever title. Both men and women do it…but I’ve noticed that after women get their degrees they portray themselves as some impervious untouchable person who is better than others. Next time you’re at the hospital pay attention to how the female RNs act. They are very condescending until they find out you have a good profession. And then their monkey branching skills go to work. Also women are always the ones who end up on the news stealing and writing fake prescriptions to make more money. Or just stealing in general…like that one woman who had no skills whatsoever…and this catholic mission gave this woman a chance to help her with a job. A few months into her job she started writing checks for the mission to finance a “lavish” lifestyle for herself. This was money for food for starving kids in other countries and she managed to spend 1.1 million dollars to live it up and live lavishly. Needless to say she got caught n didn’t have a cent to her name after that. My point is….that’s how women think…if I was a piece of shit n stole 1.1 million dollars I’d say fuck a lavish lifestyle I’m going to disappear n save the money….Not women…because all they care about is how they look!