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It seems its always women doing this dumb ass shit…like that one black bitch that encouraged assassinating trump…and then that comedian that held a cut off bloody trump head…n then played the victim when they receive backlash…or all the rioters and protesters after trump won…if you watch the videos it was by far mostly women…but as always when the shit hits the fan…its the men doing the physical fighting n protecting…n the women scurry off and cry n play victims and act like they are traumatized…as if they werent inciting a riot n acting tough 2 minutes before…or just causing a big was deal over these sexual harassment allegations…why didn’t they report the sexual harassment back then??? Its because they were b enefitting at that time from sexual encounters with these powerful men…everyone knows that showbiz is that way…but while they were being “sexually harassed” they probably got leading roles n a lot of money….but now that the job is over n maybe they’ve spent all their money they decide its a good idea to get another paycheck with accusations n ruining some men…sorry was bitches. Like I just read on the news about this one bitch that offered to sleep with these 2 cops because they caught her with drugs if they just didn’t charge her n let her go (stupid ass simps gave her a pussy pass) so they agreed. After they fucked her n let her go she later went to go press charges saying they raped her…now they lost their jobs and will probably do at least 10 years and she’ll probably get paid…men really need to quit fucking with women altogether if they expect a woman to do what they agree to…those cops were dumbasses…but should she get off Scott free?? They should have just ruined her life n fucked up her record. I am glad that all those female teachers are getting caught for fucking their students…males need to continue using the long dick of the law to fuck these women because its the only way we can. And don’t think its cowardly of u to do that to women because that’s their first choice in dealing with men…we just need to start not giving any pussy passes n beating um to the punch…get their added locked up…make false claims like they do if the situation calls for it…men shouldn’t do that to other men because usually men can hash things out between them without the need for police interference…but when it comes to women men need to just beat them at their own game…if you hear a woman talking about something sexual at work…report her for sexual harassment…