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Saying something like “women have larger breasts than men” is a sweeping generalization. But it’s a true one – even though some women have smaller breasts than some men. In the collective group of “women” there will be some individual women who have small breasts, while in the collective group of “men” there will be some porky men sporting a set of man-boobs. But only a simpleton would try to cherry pick a flat chested woman and stand her next to a man-boobed male and claim that this is in any way an honest reflection of the physical nature of man and woman, therefore, we should not say that “women have larger breasts than men” anymore. It would be lunacy! The only thing we might be able to learn then is that “both men and women have nipples.”
Generalizations are absolutely necessary in order to learn anything about macro-issues and societal trends.
Of course, what a person cannot do is take one individual and generalize that the entire group resembles that individual. Take Marc Lepine, for example. Feminists have been screeching for over twenty-five years now that Marc Lepine is “proof” of the murderous hatred men harbour for women. Now that is pure bunk. The actions of one man is in no way a reflection of the mentality of the 15,000,000 other men who live in Canada. That is a wrong generalization.
But, to say that men are taller or heavier than women? Yes, this is a proper generalization, because the majority of men are taller and heavier than the majority of women – even though in some individual cases, you will be able to see a taller or heavier woman than a man.
We generalize that “birds fly.” But oh my gosh! You can’t generalize like that! Don’t you know that Emus, Ostriches, Kiwis and Penguins don’t fly? This is such a lame argument and it ought to be obvious that any biologist worth his salt must necessarily generalize that “birds fly.” Look up, grasshopper… not down!
In fact, generalizing is very beneficial and is used quite successfully in many areas of society – such as when the insurance industry analyzes the average frequency of an event (ie. a housefire) in order to offer protection to the individual homeowner while still reliably turning a profit. The government generalizes as well when they pass such laws as speed limits with fines for punishment. It is fully understood that not all of the people will reduce their speed, but most of them will and therefore, it works to keep most people driving at a reasonable speed and makes the roads safer – which is the positive result that is being sought. Another example is that if we can see that men politically vote 60/40 for principles extolling freedom versus those which promote socialism, while women tend to vote 30/70 on the same issues, then there is little doubt that over time the government will become less freedom oriented and much more mired in socialism – as has been explored by John Lott and Lawrence Kenny’s study titled, “Did Women’s Suffrage Change


In fact, no-one is going to figure out anything if they fail to generalize. Ignoring the similar actions/traits/situations in 80% of the cases because 20% of the cases do not coincide… well… that is not going to help us at all in analyzing the world as it unfolds about us.

The thing to keep in mind is that there are individual groups (ie. men and women), and there are individuals within those groups.

The way to learn something is to recognize that the trait of the group follows in “this” direction, even though there are individual exceptions which follow “that” direction.

It’s time to stop looking for the lowest common denominator.

There are individual groups, and there are individuals within those groups.

As a MGTOW I have encountered almost all excuses online and have a rebuttal to most politically correct claims and illogical positions.