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Well that’s just your opinion, you do know that right? Time will tell. Time is also a rope, how long will it take for this ingenious plan(MGTOW) to work exactly? Will the white race be all but fucking dead before women get the message? Yeah! So feminism, pro-abortion activists, Bankers influence and power over our politicians, and keeping open, our borders, the media and their constant derision of men, ANTIFA, fake terrorist and mass shooting events, Black lives matter and a whole slew of divisive schemes all have one thing in common don’t they? Jewish influence and money, so forgive me if I think MGTOW isn’t also a Jewish scheme, call me an obstacle all you want, I couldn’t give a fuck. I have jews at the top of my shit-list where MGTOW’s have women at the top of theirs it seems. But let’s just hope that this plan works eh?, otherwise we’re all well and truly fucked.

And trust me, I know how tiring it is to have to constantly point out the Jewish connection in this shit-show called MGTOW to all the growing numbers of young men that are totally fucking oblivious to it all. I wonder why?