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@PsychoTheRapist Feminism is a movement, and so is MGTOW, otherwise its a growing what? But before I begin, may I point out the irony in talking to someone with your username, maybe its just an unfortunate irony, or one designed to trigger a certain type of response. Benefit of the doubt, given! But its something I have to do on a very, very regular basis I’m afraid, but hey! Whatever.

Its not about hating women or slapping them down, probably in the same way, some feminists say that its not about hating men either, but well, look at what we have today, the resemblance to good old fashioned Jewish division is startling is it not?.

If you think that the Jewish bankers and their puppet politicians are going to pay for womens parasitic behavior, without men being forced to spread the lips of their wallets every tax season then you’re delusional mate. We are all paying for our own doomed future, whether we like it or not.

Look I’m no fan of women either, far from it, I’ve said this many, many, many, many times before myself, including on this site, that both women and Jews make for a very potent combination, both are master liar’s and manipulators, I hope you agree? jews are snakes, and women are snakes with tits, that’s my honest opinion, for what its worth, take it or leave it.

But trying to get men and women to believe that there is a Jewish connection in all this division is, as Mark says “is tiring”, yep! He’s right, the only difference is that, I will type it another million times if needed. Mark has had to face Jewish wrath in the courts and built this site, which has probably taken a toll, been tiresome and repetitive. But to count me as one of his obstacles was puzzling to me , but anyway, moving on.

However the word “Followers” suggest that it is indeed a “movement”, you can only follow something that is moving, now that’s a minor point, I feel silly in typing it but there you go, I’m desperate! and desperately trying to convince as many of my brothers as possible before time runs out, in terms of freedom of speech, and freedom of speech on the internet. Mark could speak on this, more than I, I’m sure. its only a matter of time until they nail this site shut as well, I think its inevitable.

I think the rise in rapes all over Europe, did more to weaken the feminist movement than anything else. Suddenly white or western men weren’t that bad anymore, hence, the rise of anti-feminism all over the place. Womens future of safety, pamper and privilege is under threat, but that could all be part of the ‘hate programming’ we’re all currently receiving, who knows at this point, dam my suspicious brain, it never gives me any fucking peace.

As for Zionist agendas, so for arguments sake, lets say that MGTOW is not directly linked to Zionism, you must admit, that it is a rather fortunate side effect, in terms of division which is beneficial to a certain Zionist group, surely?. You’re not told directly to hate any specific group of people in the press, quite the opposite in fact, its usually “not all _______ are like that” (unless its white men of course, we’re fair game apparently) which of course allows for further funding, advancement and encouragement of the said “not all”, to keep going on the current path of doom. Mass migration cross open borders through this gap of “not all”, its a total mind-fuck!

But to think that you can pick up your ball and go home, and choose not to play, is something I wish I could believe in as being possible, but I just can’t, we’re all just pawns on the great chessboard, that we all call society, and you, me and everyone, in my opinion are fucked, but maybe we’re fucked either way, but if that’s the case then I intend to fuck as much as I can until then.

I just wish that whole swathes of people would start to point out the Jewish connection in all this division, but no fucking chance of that happening any time soon, methinks. Whole armies of brain-washed feminists and MGTOW’s are completely fucking oblivious to it all, as I’ve learned so, so, so many times before. Yours truly; the obstacle.