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@PsychoTheRapist Well I’ll try again, I just wrote a long reply, but I got Recaptcha’d and like a dumb cunt forgot to save my long spiel. I’ll write and address your comment in a few shorter comments and post.

So how do we combat the gynocentric society? We can’t! Its like pulling weeds, and there are a lot of weeds, the garden is full of them, its overgrown. The garden like the Jewish funded and feminist engineered gynocentric society has been neglected for far too long. By the time you pull the head off of the last weed, the weeds you tackled earlier have grown back. Stick with me here, hear me out, I’m going somewhere with this, honest! You can’t tackle women only, and expect results, you have to yank at the roots of these weeds as well, or else, just like every new year, we get a fresh batch of weeds, or as I call them, “feminists”, every year the colleges and universities churn out whole armies of brain-washed and brain-dead women, that hate men, whiteness, democracy and of course white men, white men are indeed getting all kinds of fucked, all except the kind we like of course, but that’s because our older brothers and our fathers, have been slacking off these many years in not tackling these weeds or bothering to yank at the roots, even if only trying to weaken the roots.

The roots need to be pulled out once and for all, every MGTOW needs to have a good yank on those roots, imagine that? Whole armies of men calling out the jews in every comment on every site and on every channel, If that were the case I’d be all for it, I really would, but alas, all the MGTOW’s do, is to endlessly try and pull the heads off of weeds. MGTOW and anti-Semitism working hand in hand just like the jews and feminists do. I mean, we all know that jews fund feminism right? Not so! Plenty of feminists and MGTOW’s haven’t got a fucking clue.

Now, womenfolk and the Jewish folk definitely deserve the lionshare of the blame, when it comes to the not so slow anymore, destruction of Western civilisation, that much is a given as far as I’m concerned, but in the age of information in which we live, ignorance is not an excuse, and men need to wake the fuck up as well, in my humblest of humbles. And who knows, before long, women are having the odd tug at the roots themselves, the rise of anti-feminism is a recent example of that, although I attribute that to the rise of rapes all over Europe, and them realizing that feminism was never about them in the first place. So women are now deserting feminism and jumping on to western mens boat again, because suddenly we’re not so bad anymore and their future of safety and privilege is coming to an end, but heck, they’re nothing if not opportunistic survivors, I’ll give them that.

Decades of betrayal and back-stabbing does and will lead to movements/philosophies like MGTOW, I understand that, many men, mates included have been utterly destroyed by women or the power that they’ve been given by the state over them. But its the root cause that I want to yank out first, that’s the only thing that I think separates us.