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@PsychoTheRapist I have to say that I don’t quite understand your stealthy approach, because that’s the method that the Jews have used ain’t it? In fact the jews aren’t even on the battlefield or even a part of this war as far as most MGTOW’s and feminists are concerned. It just appears to them and everyone else that white men are the enemy, we’re scum, we’re sexist, we’re racist, we’re Islamaphobic, we’re xenophobic, we’re the patriarchy, we’re anti-semitic and on and on it goes.

If jews are the guns and women are the ammunition, and we only take out their ammunition, then we’ll get nowhere, especially if the Jews have an endless supply of the stuff. Be it women, or migrants, muslims, or whatever, they’re all ammunition as well. But only women are our ammunition as well, but if you think that not impregnnating women drains their supply of ammunition and not ours as well, well then we’re truly fucked. The white race is at the top of the Jewish shit list, that much should fast be coming obvious at this point, and if not, give it a while. You’re right that wars are seldom won with a single strike, so lets go at least one better, MGTOW’s and anti-Semitic bastards like myself join forces, its not much, but its a start, right?

I say exactly the same shite on feminist sites and channels, because being the dumb cunt that I am, at times I can almost convince myself that I’m making a difference, although out of the thousands of comments I’ve written, or the thousands that I’ve read, even to see only a few comments by my brothers and sisters that follow along the same themes that I try to present, does my heart good, but that obviously, is nowhere near enough, but an army of MGTOW’s saying the same thing, now that might stand a chance.

We’re forever trying to fight the pawns, and they are forever trying to fight us, the kings and queens will never get checkmated this way. Now trust me, I’m under no illusion here, I already feel that its too little too late here, but fuck it! I’ll go down swinging, because if what I suspect is the truth then I’m already fucked, you can bet your right nut that theres a big red dot next to my name and mug and when things do go ‘tits-up’ both my nuts and my pasty mug will be on the chopping block.

Its like all those morons that say we have all the power, that we are the power, that we are the 99% and the elite banksters are the 1%, what utter crap, any real truther knows that they are part of the 1% and the banksters are part of the 99%. We were all born fucked, with a big old Jewish dick rammed right up our back-pipe and most of the sheep will never even realize it.