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@PsychoTheRapist True enough brother, cause if she cannot get off with you, she will eventually look elsewhere for sure, as many already go elsewhere even if you get them off good, they just want a different cock, and a change from the norm, just like my First Wife Did, that cheating Whore-Cunt. Then she, and her Jew-Lawyer, that was Crookeder than a Fucking Pretzel, or his own Nose, made me Pay,, Pay,,, AND Pay, some more, without even having any visitation rights to see my little Boy, using the excuse that because i worked two jobs, i would then be way too tired to properly take care, and see my Son Overnight on Weekends. Like so what if i fell asleep on the couch while my kid, and i watched a Disney Movie, or whatever, i tried to explain to them, as he is in my house, and safe. Man i was devastated. I was working a full-time day job, and a part time night job, in my early twenties just to barely have a little extra, after Child Support Payments in order to take care of my Son,s little extras on the week-end, in order to get by. And This was in the Mid-Eighties. I,m not sure if much has changed since then, probably just the amount of$$$ and that,s it, me thinks! Sorry For The Long Rant Brother, but this was the very first time that i have ever spoken about this on here.