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@PsychoTheRapist Wow,,, you live in England, too cool brother, as i have always wanted to travel there and check-out Abbey Road, David Gilmour,s, John Lennon,s, Eric Clapton,s, Elton John,s and many more of my musical legends and their childhood homes, and all the while in the company of yourself one of my B-G Brothers would be incredibly Epic for myself, and a trip of a lifetime, my man, to say the very least! And just to be able to meet you, and to be able to hear what i am sure is a cool British Accent, would be awesome, but especially after feeling the effects of a couple of pitchers of beer while starting to hear the whole bar speaking with British Accents would be too cool. And the next day travel on one of your red double Decker buses while checking out All The Amazing historical buildings, and Palaces would be an awesome to tour to undertake while severely hung over, from the night before lol. And i would promise to take care and spoil you with unlimited Pints, and some of your world famous Fish, & Chips, and all restaurant meals and of course a visit to your neighborhood pub would be in order, and even better, my man. I never knew, after all this time that you lived in England. 🙂