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Yunghitler Can you even do that? You know, post a statement of, I would imagine, what is someone elses opinion of what MGTOW is, or what it should or should not be about. I never expected that any one MGTOW could make such a sweeping generalization as to what MGTOW is all about or what it represents

Say that MGTOW is a philosophy, I mean, one mans philosophy is different to another mans philosophy surely? Our varied experiences will jade our perceptions, and those perceptions will influence our thought processes, our opinions and our outlook on life, and are therefore going to be different, surely? Do all MGTOW’s agree with that, with what I could very easily label as a definition of what MGTOW is. I didn’t know MGTOW was so easily definable, just like feminism has its own definition, that they pull out at their convenience.

The jews are every bit as guilty as women, more so in my opinion, we were born into fucking debt-slavery for christ’s sake, before we even sucked our first tit, we were fucked. MGTOW’s are living in a dream-world if they think that they can turn their backs on society, and that the Jewish banksters and their puppet politicians are going to let you, remember that every time you pay your taxes, and that those same taxes are then used for a very wide variety of womens services. Unless you go totally off the grid, which none of you do of course, because I’m using the grid to talk to you right now. Here in the UK, every bit of land is owned by a fucking woman, shes called the queen. MGTOW’s and anti-Semite’s should work hand in hand, fuck! Is that too much to ask for?