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GDPR Harvester


” I am completely against this MGTOW doctrine that you preach and only need one solid reason to oppose it.
That one reason is the family structure that God made for us to follow.”

And that structure is totally ignored by the vast majority of women out there who are being brainwashed into thinking that it’s not in their best interest to follow it. They want to play by a different set of rules and when you don’t play ball with them they begin the dreaded divorce procedure and begin to dismantle your life in a way that only a heartless bitch can….all with the full support of the gynocentric society. They remove your kids from you, remove your possessions from you and remove your future income from you. Do you truly want to play that game?

Today’s society is all about materialism and hedonism and when a woman realises that she’s come to the limits of your ability to provide her with luxury, she takes that swamp between her legs and passes it around amongst those who are capable of providing her with more luxury in the hope of trapping them, dumping you and having the benefits of two suckers providing for her. In general this is what the family structure has turned into today and only morons take part; “real men” avoid that shit totally. Ok, I get that not every woman is like that but the majority are like it, especially in the younger generations, and the risk of ruin coming from playing the family-structure game is just too high for a sensible man to even contemplate taking part.

As for the human racing dying out, take a look around the world. Do you like what you see? We are losing species all the time to extinction which isn’t good for the planet. However, there is one species on the planet whose extinction would benefit Earth tremendously: the human species! We don’t deserve to have this planet and if I were God I would have wiped the human race out long ago.