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When you are faced by a hitman who’s come to assassinate you, do you give a fuck about who sent him? No, you’re more concerned about avoiding the H&H that’s coming your way. For me, the same applies to women. I can’t deal with the Jews because they’re inaccessible to me but I can deal with the bitches that head my way. Your priorities are the Jews, mine are not. When I have the opportunity to land a blow against the Jews I’ll take it but until then I’ll deal with what I’m faced with. The Jews are too entrenched in their positions of power for me to do anything effective against them.

If you want to strike at the Jew here’s a plan for you seeing as you’re based in the UK (if you’re not then just skip the next bunch of text).

Find 600+ people who are prepared to stand in a General Election with you and fight with your main manifesto point as the the removal of the Central Bank. Will you win? Not a fucking chance, but it’s a great opportunity to get across to Joe Soap what the Central Bank is all about. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to tell the people of the nation that all the personal income tax collected throughout the year by the government doesn’t even cover the interest paid to the bankers on the National Debt.