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Man that sucks @LucyThePoosy cause you tricked me, by hiding this truth from me, now all i got is yourself and my Wet Dreams, lol. And now i will be the laughing stock of all these MGTOW dudes, and they will bully me right Da-Fuck outta town, so does that mean that because of this, you are about to feel so really, really bad for poor little me, and that because of it you will feel like giving me just a little teeny little Bit of a teaser taste of some Good old Fashioned type of Southern loving in order to make me feel much better?? maybe??? Yea??? 🙂 ,,, Nope,,, 🙁 lol,
B.T.W. Did you not find my Lesbianation comment funny? Or did you just not want to mention it, in case it was really not intentional, lol, and just my French showing, therefore you did not want to embarrass me ?? shit,,, maybe you should of done so, then i could have played the poor, poor retarded dude this time around, and maybe have gotten away with it this time around,,, aw forget it, lol, as the gig is up now,,, he, he ;). Or,,,, lol, did you completely ignore it, simply because were you still thinking about shooting that Gun of mine, and this had you all Buzzed-Out about it, like an awesome 80,s Flashback ??? Yea,,, i,ll go with that one as it,s great stuff for my good old Self Esteem, (as he sticks his chest-out in the mirror, That Corny Frenchman!