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I don,t know about you Boys & Girls, but i would love to be a Woman, for just one day, because i could, & most certainly would, live my day like it was my last, by playing with me Pussy until Da-Cows came home,,,, and guess what, lol, ha, haaaa!!! i got no fucking Cows, Eeeh-Hawww! So I would let er rip,,, Drive her like i stole her, and ALL that good stuff, by playing with that thing like a new Pocket Pussy on Christmas Morning. Yep it would be serious Playtime like i was on a fucking mission, and not stopping until i am totally out of breath, or until my fingers Ended-Up looking like i just finished a whole BOX of Crispy-Creme Donuts, or a whole Bucket of KFC, whichever CAME Fist, oops, sorry, Cums First Whoa, sorry again,,, 😉 as i Stink, (FUCK!!!) “Think” i,m getting a little carried away lol. But go ahead and Pick your choice, cause they are both Finger Licking Good. 🙂 Jesus, does that shit ever stop squirting, cause i am getting a little dehydrated ffs. After a day like this, i understand why some Girls just cannot get that smile off of their faces. Yea,,, i would probably end-up with a nickname like AndyTheLoosyPoosy after Bloody-Sunday, (Or Is It Saturday Today?) Who cares, or gives a flying fuck,, **ME** that,s who, lol “”CAUSE TODAY BOYS & GIRL,,, ME GOTS HAVE ME A FUCKING POOSY, AND ME LOVES IT”” i would be so proud, cause it would be an honor to have a name close my Female idol. Cause as the saying goes,,, “Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery”
I,m really really tired you guys, so i am going to bed now, Salute, lol. 😉