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But did you know that you were mislead @HopingforNemesis thinking that these “DIRTY-JEW-BASTARDS” have no problem with putting a mixture of Mostly Jewish, 8 Day Old Baby Foreskins On Their Faces??? because “THEY” My Good B-G Brother, are (NOT Stupid Enough) to put that (EXPENSIVE $300 BUCKS A TUBE, SHIT) Cream on there Ugly-Mugs, My Man. Because they already have a large, and wide ranging customer base, for their new (Sick Anti-Aging Claimed) Child abuse Obtained Product, So they leave that Shit-Up to us, and our (Non-Jewish,) and Fucked-Up Mixed Race Full of (STUPID-SHEEPLE-ISTIC-WOMEN) to purchase, and Spread on their faces instead! Everybody knows that The Yuk-ish have always Loved Baby Dick-ish, (little boys) and so very much in fact, that they have made damn sure to remain protected, and immune from Prosecution by employing, the many Laws (They Themselves) have created and enacted decades ago, in order to disguise, and forever protect, their Diddling ways. And how did they achieve their ultimate, and sick goal, of continuing this (Child Sexual Abuse, & Mutilation Practice) you ask???? by simply using an Age Old Ally that Many Other Countries “The World Over” had already been (Using,,, But NOT Abusing), and for respectful reasons. These other Countries Employed this for many previous decades, without any problems whatsoever, in order to protect their rights, and freedoms. But the difference between Them, and “THE JEWS” is that they abused it for making all their heinous crimes untouchable, by calling it a Religious Custom.

Now, and because of the increasing, & Mounting Public Pressure that was being constantly, and persistently being applied to them, by many other Good, Trusted, and NON-JEWISH PEOPLE, and Respectful Organisations in order to have these (JEW CREATED LAWS) Of Supporting “Child Abuse” completely removed by raising important questions about the ongoing mental health crisis that was a direct result of the Brutal and Ongoing barbaric Mutilations that they practiced. And because ALL JEWS DESPISE any Person, or Organisation that have long discussions about Jewish Issues, Problems, and Affairs,(Cause there Are Many Of Them), Without themselves being completely involved in order For Them to have complete control over these discussions, to make 100% sure, That “ANY & ALL” important decisions go their way. So ultimately, These Dirty Bastards quickly invented, and put into Place BY A JEW, and FOR THE JEWS another shameful, And Joke Of A LAW, called “”ANTI-SEMETISM”” And This Was, And Unfortunately Is the Final Nail In The Coffin (FOR THEM CUNTS) Therefore making sure that ANYONE NON-JEW that now initiate, or hold these discussions, will be persecuted to the fullest,,,Dragged Through The “LEGAL JEW CONTROLLED MUD” for years With Lawsuits, until they are fully, and completely financially drained. Then as if this was not enough already, they will DRAIN YOU EMOTIONALLY by lying about yourself labeling you a rapist, and a Child Molesting Creep in actual fact, we all know who the real culprits are (When They Are The Ones Committing This Heinous Crime Themselves) And by utilizing their (MASS-MEDIA-GIANTS TO FALSELY CONDEMN YOU) A nervous breakdown could, and would, most likely occur, resulting in **A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS** sealing your fate. And all of these incredibly cruel, and insane punishments “Delivered as LIES” will make sure that other truth spreaders or any of their future attempt of exposing them will take notice, and learn “RATHER QUICKLY” on how to keep their mouths closed tightly, in order for them to see that these meetings or talks about THE JEWS, and their “Not So Little Secret” (CAN, AND SHOULD NEVER TAKE PLACE AGAIN).

And now because of this “”NEW AND COMPLETELY ABUSED ANTI-SEMITE-GARBAGE-LAW”” Is in full swing, it,s Open Game for whatever Sick, and Demented Shit (Just like this selling of Baby Foreskin Anti-Aging Face Cream) that has raised the number of This Brutal, And Barbaric Circumcision Practice, That were slowly, but consistently dropping in numbers. But this is just a drop in the bucket of the large list of crimes that they continue to commit, and have done for generation after generation and doing so without a glitch, or public outcry of any kind, whatsoever up until now. (And credit should always be given, where credit is due). So our beloved “Best Gore” that keeps-on applying pressure publicly in order to expose the many (DIRTY-JEW-SCAMS, & CRIMES) perpetrated by them. KUDOS 🙂