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I agree with online being tougher and there’s a good reason for it in my opinion. Online tools! HUDs are a huge help when you play and give you access to extremely accurate information you just don’t have when playing live. Plus the ability to input and process ranges during play. Now PokerStars will tell you that people can’t use those tools (apart from HUDs) when their poker client is open because they can detect them. I myself was using Equilab one day and got a snotty pop up from Stars. I wasn’t even playing poker at the time but apparently having Equilab open with just the client running is enough for them to threaten you with account suspension and seizure of funds.

Anyway, people DO use those tools whilst playing and it’s very easy to dodge Stars’ spy software. You just have a second computer (laptop or whatever) with the wifi off and running the program you want to use. As you get involved in a hand you input your opponent’s range, input your cards and the cards that appear on the flop, turn and river and let the tool do the work processing the info in a flash. It’s easy to do and bear in mind you have 30 seconds to act each turn plus timebank if you need it. The HUD has all the details concerning preflop and postflop history and you enter a quick percentage into the program. Now it displays your opponent’s range and as the hand progresses you can make the necessary adjustments with a single click of the mouse depending on their actions. This is how you can gain a huge advantage in the online game. People think that all that time you spend waiting for your opponent to act is because he’s thinking about what to do; no, it’s quite likely some are inputting info into the program they’re running and getting the computer to do it for them. All they have to do after that is decide what is the most profitable play and with such accurate information you know they’ll show a long-term profit. Always be wary of people who are one or two tabling and taking time over many decisions.

My own personal opinion, even though I use one myself, is that HUDs should be banned. Just think about it, Luvs, what do you think the cardroom manager would say if you sat down at the live 1/2 NL table with a laptop in front of you? Precisely!