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It was about 2 weeks ago @after hours place i go to. Me and about 3 friends were there hanging out smoking a hookah having a few mixed drinks talking amongst ourselves andcreally just hanging out. A friend of mine was petting some girls pussy getting all nasty in tge corner where we were sitting. Sometime in the night that stupid ass song Bodak Yellow by Cardi B came on…which idk why the fk they played that cuz its more of a salsa merengue latin dance music type of place…very beautiful women and afterhours watering hole. So this song comes on and immediately all these stupid bitches are chanting this bullshit and feeling powerful…a few minutes after still drunk on the song this one girl (pretty good looking) comes up and just starts getting in me and my friends convo which i put up with for about 5 minutes until i said “get this bitch outta here” she hears me and gives me a look and knowing she looks good approaches my friends to try and shake their hands…they all shook her hand and she reaches towards me to which i respond “get the fuck outta here” sge ignores it and comes and sits next to me. She pauses for about 5 seconds and starts talking to me…to which i respond “i hope u wanna fuck”…she asks why am i talkin to her like that…i told her because she knew i didnt want anything to do with her so why would she come sit next to me n talk to me unless she wanted to fuck. She gets mad n starts asking “wtf do i think i am” as well as calling me a few names…went on for about 5-10 seconds n i stand up n tell her “say 1 more fucking thing”….she gets quiet for about 10 seconds and shares her grievance with my friend as if hes going to save her n goes back to calling me names. I get up choke the bitch and tgrow her behind the chairs. Lmfao….she gets up half crying telling me she knows tge owner n just wait whats gonna happen…she proceeds to go up to other guys(i assume to get them to fight me because she keeps lookin n pointing at me) during this time my friend goes to the bathroom…n the girl he was pussy rubbing comes and starts talkin to me saying sorry because she knows how her friend can be. So i talk to her for a few minutes and asks if shes hanging out with my buddy tonight. She says no…so i say well come hang out with me. She smiles and says my buddy will get mad (bullshit)…i tell her that no he wouldnt and she gives me that look…so we are about ready to leave n i drive off n this girl calls me cuz my friend gave her my #….. She meets up with me at my place n i fuck her….i found out in the morning when i talk to my friend that she told him that i was trying to fuck her…n he told her “well why didnt you let him” she got upset at him or just pretended to be upset and said “well give me his number if u dont care”….he doesnt care my friend doesnt give a fuck he gets pussy probably even more than me…n well the rest is history….i will follow up with the next story after i return from mcdonalds breakfast @hoping for nemesis.