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Exactly Mark, As i truly believed, but am now totally convinced as well, that this was thoroughly debunked, and for quite sometime now, while i researched many of these studies about how circumcising infants have a completely negative effect on ones brain, that could *Possibly* affect Men for life. And i say possibly loosely, or in brackets simply because the Kingston Canadian study itself, is still, what many would consider as being, in it,s infancy,(no pun intended), and the Study Patient, (Or An Infant In This Case) has not been around long enough for these Good, And Caring Doctors to Complete In their testing, and Recording of this “So Important” And New, But Very Troubling, Medical Discovery. And I Again State This Truly, & Openly When I Say That I Strongly Believe, That If NOT For These Few Brave, **VERY HONEST & FEARLESS** Medical Professionals, That As A Result of their hard Working, And With Great Ethics, Should Have (IN MY OPINION) have Won A Noble Peace Prize For Their Research, And Subsequent New Discovery, but Because Of The Tight Grip That The Jews Have On *ALL Matters Of Importance TO THEM*, And Them Only. Now these Doctors Have unfortunately Been Subjected to Harsh Reprimands, And Threats Of Impending Lawsuits, Instead Of Receiving Credit Where Credit Is Due For All Of Their Great Accomplishments. But NO,, Not In A Jew-Controlled World It’s NOT, because if they did manage to publish their True Gut wrenching Study, Or Findings ANYWHERE, the internet Included, It would be blocked, As They Did So “”AS YOU WILL SEE BELOW”” Using Their BUDDY JEWGLE, (Go Figure???) When this COMPLETE, AND UTTER TORTURE OF INFANTS Very Troubling Discovery Would Have Most Certainly Remained Completely Unknown To The Medical Field Forever. And for all We know,,, And Especially Where since Jews The World Over have been Known To Never, EVER Leave ANY Stones Unturned, and by Hiding Anything Related To MONEY, Or One Of Their Many Heinous Crimes That, Not Surprisingly Including The Molestation Of Baby Boys, And Of General PEDOPHILIA, As Whole. is that These JEWS Could Have Done Their Own Secret Study Long-Ago as to not Have This (INCREDIBLY, AND INCREASINGLY PROFITABLE JEWISH MALE-CIRCUMCISION HEALTH ISSUE) Painted In A Bad Light. and their findings online to find only 2 studies that went completely against the grain, when as i will explain it fully, and completely as you read on. And that’s When i began digging a little deeper, and started where you left off, by continuing to investigate what i consider to be, (A Sad State Of Affairs) you originally opening up this (Pandora’s box,) of this important, and of Life Changing Event for Every Infant, and most likely Men That Has Been Unfortunately Involved Is That Only 2 Online Newspaper/Magazine Articles, Or “A Story”, Or write-up, (*Or whatever Type Of Incredibly Biased, And False-News Reporting, You Wish To Call It*) that I Could Find, Was From What **THE SHEEPLE UTTERLY CONSIDER VERY REPUTABLE*, And Mainstream Called *Science Daily.* And when i began reading the page on the circumcision issue, and it,s findings they stated, and vigorously opposed (Unsurprisingly to both of us, i,m sure) “ANY AND ALL” Of The Recently Professionally Tested,and Recorded Findings From This Kingston Ontario Reputable Hospital, Or The Kingston General Hospital, (In This Case) And Their findings, and report by stating the complete opposite of the Study that you have researched, and posted first when starting this Forum. And what i found after following your lead and investigating this topic so it is safe to say that The 2 writers in Question that were partly responsible involved in writing these incredibly false,

The two 2 Doctors Names, along with their Book Stand, & Online Magazine’s Telephone Numbers, And E-Mail Addresses from their WORKPLACES “MEDICAL NEWS TODAY” Owned By (JEWISH, “Headline News U.K.” & does NOT Ever Surprise Me) are ALL LISTED ON THEIR PAGE THAT I WILL ALSO UPLOAD IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CALL.
For anyone of You’s that are willing to call them, and ask them these 2 Important trick that are posted And
Then ask them what the difference between (EYE-LASHES AND FORESKINS ARE)*****JUST MONEY??????

#1- In your Professional Opinion DR. Sherman Lerman, Would it be safe to assume, that A Surgical Procedure aimed at permanently removing, and discarding useless “EYE LASHES” when they become nothing more than, an Annoyance, Bothersome, and a Complete Nuisance to so many( Women, And Transgenders Alike) would be vehemently opposed by the medical association as a whole? And I Am Simply stating this Fact because if they pose no significant threat, or any long lasting ill effects to the Patient, Her Eye Balls, and overall health? Then why should it cause ripples, in The Medical Profession when they possess no significant function, and play no crucial roles, or health benefits, to begin with?

#2- So with this being said, Why Not **Just Fulfill These Transgenders, and Women’s wishes** by having them Surgically Removed Altogether, As Eyelashes never regrow Like Hair, or Nails do which are A Renewable Resource
of Sorts, never requiring future surgeries. Because I Agree with them when all they ever do is create a build-up, of what ends up being, a disgusting mixture of airborne dust, and dander. And when deeply sleeping, an episode of R.I.M,s or in layman,s terms (Rapid Eye Movements)usually occurs producing watery eyes, that when mixed with these dust particles form thick crusts that glue your eyes shut, and create for them, and possibly others a needless danger while trying to navigate blindly towards the bathroom at nighttime.

Marie Ellis (Managing Editor) of this incredibly biased, & Jewish published, child torturing for profit Article.

DR. Tim Newman (Writer/Bullshit/Shovel/Operator)

DR. Sherman Lerman (Writer/Bullshit/Spreader)

And Marie Ellis (Chief Editor, And Bullshit/Tester/Eater, With Her Critical Role As Being To, Adding More Salt To Their Bullshit And Of Course Adding Much More Bullshit, And Pepper Where Needed To Make This Her Crap Hotter.
***Alright, jokes aside***

Does it not Surprise, and (ANGER ALL OF YOU GREATLY?) Just By Knowing That Our Future Children,,, Children,,, Grand Children,,, Nieces,,, & Nephews,,, And So On, Could Very Well become Potential, And Unwilling victim To this Barbaric Procedure, and only because some of Us Baby Boomers, And Prior, Grew up with all the Boys in your Family Including Dad Himself,,, having It Done??? And Because most of the Non-Jewish Population, had this procedure Pushed-On Them By Many, (Some Jewish) Doctors, (Spreading STD,s & VD,s Scares,) Including an Unbelievable amount of Fear Mongering Tactics, Including Cancer, in order to Promote Their Circumcision Campaign in the Old days, or the 60,s ,,, were somewhat responsible for these Rates Climbing so much more because of The Free Love And Sex
Era, and then Woodstock Music, & Free Sex Party That went on. Then these Jewish Reporters, and their Doctors ordered that this Honest Study be completely disregarded, nor published, but that they destroy it immediately, and to never discuss it between themselves, or others ever again, with their jobs being on the line, and threats of a Lawsuit if they did not comply fully.
They Will Stop At Nothing to ruin their lives, Including Making Their Reports state on It,s blank page that,,,
Threats Of Lawsuits, Calling Them Anti-Semites, On Their Owned/Controlled Mass-Media. And Then By having Their Credibility Completely And UTTERLY Destroyed By Made-Up Lies. And Then, By Having Their Medical Careers completely Destroyed, By ruining their reputations, And Financially Ruining Them All By Dragging On the Expensive Lawsuits that will not be resolved For Many Decades, or Until they all become Completely Broke, Depressed, and devastated, by fighting a loosing battle of paid Judges, Lawyers, Other Jew Doctors, and so on. 🙁