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I think we all seek approval in one way or another. I may seek it through many means, including my appearance thru the use of makeup, which is also my profession in which I’ve had some success. You seek approval with your MGTOW position and railing against women. I have had similar negative experiences just like many males have with the opposite sex. The problem with your position is that it is too simplistic. You pretend that all women are the same carousel riders. I am more complicated than that. I don’t care to attract people like you. I am just here to enjoy the gore and interact w/ people who I call friends. What would I have to gain or lose attracting strangers to myself? The risk outweighs any possible reward. I wonder what you think I am “feeding” on? I am talking to friends. If you don’t want to talk to me, idk, no loss. Enjoy your life, @1yunghitler1