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Ok.dre. that is one long post mon frere! You must have writers cramp.all good of course and valid.

It comes down to what you said. It is about balance and moderation and even wisdom. Not all men who have been cheated on stay bitter and/or twisted. Most move on and are philosophical about it.

Just the fact that you can talk about being cheated on tells me you are very mature and can see the big picture.
I know i may be abused by others saying im sucking up your backside but i do not care. Im a manly man and my friends know that being easily manipulated by peer-group pressure is not one of my faults. Ill say and do generally what is right if i think i should.

I dont know people long enough here as i would like as you know,and am not a psychotherapist but my first thoughts in what appears to be irrational woman -hating is the woman -hater has been very hurt by a woman ,women or even mother in the past or they cannot accept being possibly gay.

Till next time and revoir. I hope i spelled that right.