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Yep,,, You are correct, as this (4-legged, And White Curly Fur Shaved, He/She,) is *Nothing Butt* A Sad MGTOW Impostor-Faker, that will stop at *Nothing* just to feel a sense of Belonging, and Acceptance, From The Authentic, Original, And True Big-Boys On Here.

Bahhhhh, Bahhhh,,,, Aw, For Fuck-Sakes,,, I Gotta Go, cause i think that the same one just got out of his enclosure Yet Again, because the Other Sheep want to punch him out again, for being A He/She. and because of this, he is desperately trying to get back to his Safe Mommy,s Basement Again. But Not To Worry,,, Cause he is Very Easy To Find with that “Big Black Swastika” that He/She Had Tattooed On That Sheeple Arse.