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(You Have Always Been My Idol, As Far As Weather-News Reporting Goes, My Man)

Dude,,, How Has The Weather Been out there lately? Because we are suppose to get between 10, to maybe even 20 cm. of Snow Mixed-In With Ice Pellets Overnight, and Into Tomorrow. And because of this,,, I have to install My Fucking Snowplow on my 4×4 A.T.V. Arggg!

And just when i was beginning to think, or Hope, that Is,,, that i would NOT Have To do so Here, this Winter, is quite troubling to say the least, being that in the last few years, we did not have enough snow to even consider plowing it, at Christmastime, So this Forecast for the Ottawa, and surrounding Areas really fucking Sucks, Big-Time

So Please give me a nice and (Slightly Altered, But True, lol) News Reporting on it, will ya? as i do not trust all these Lying, Deceiving, and Anti-Semite Jew-Owned, Fake-News-Networks, & Channels that exist out there. Also Because Your Kind of Fast,,, Turbo- Paced, And Exciting, “with edge of your seat” News Reporting is much Better. Oh, And by the way, *Me Loves Me, The Snatch-Snackin Also Brother*:) But NOT Da-King-Fish Smelling type 🙂