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In my area, all the “massage parlours” are in the lowest part of the city…lowest in altitude i mean, but as it goes the description applies in other context. Apparently local somali (and other imigrant) gangs will muscle in on the girls and managers alike. As for the girls who work the streets, they congregate around the old, empty cutlers and sheet metal pressers warehouses and factories in another area of the city (that should tell you which city i’m in). My mate who is an outreach worker for a homeless aid org. in the city centre tells me that they will also live in these old abandoned buildings, as well as doing their “work” in them – as they tell him that they find THAT safer than just jumping into random cars.
A sad state of affairs indeed. Therefore i conclude by saying that i couldnt agree with you more – legalization, or at least some tighter regulation can only be a good thing.