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I am (very proud to be) from the potteries originally, but i ended up here -youre right- yes.
Its a long story pal, and totally off-topic for this forum.
I moved here in ’06, and tbh i was expecting a burned-out shell of a city – the traditional industries here being mostly long gone and all – but i was pleasantly surprised.
We all of course have our up n down times…. but on the whole i would say i have made a fairly happy life for myself here (I think that weighing up pros n cons accurrately to arrive at such an assessment is a skill that comes more easily with a little age?) and all things considered personally, life COULD have ended up a lot worse.
And the folk here? Well, you know how it goes pal… the people are really the same fundamentally whichever city/town you choose, just the accents change. BUT that said, i moved from a very much working class city to another of the same, so i guess the folk i mingle with are gonna be salt of the earth.