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I’m in my 50s and the amount of real friends I have can be counted on one hand with fingers left over; I tend to have acquaintances now rather than friends. Most “friendships” are like a puddle of water in the desert as the sun rises; a little heat and they evaporate so I trust very few people and I rely on even fewer because today no one gives a shit about anyone else but themselves. I see it so often where someone who is supposed to be your “friend” seems really nice and supportive but the moment you divert attention from them and, for example, start talking to someone else, even for just a few seconds, they clam up and start talking behind your back because you “abandoned” them; their desire for attention from everyone overwhelms everything else in their life. I come to expect it now and it’s never a surprise when it happens. But, you know what they say……”revenge is a dish best served cold.” A situation usually arises where I get the last laugh and when it happens I enjoy every minute of it and often gloat about it. Childish? Maybe, but sometimes it’s just plain fun to see the tables turn.

My attitude to people today is the reason why I accept few friend requests on here. I prefer to get to know and interact with people first before adding them though it’s not that important here because I see no benefit from adding friends. I mean, it’s not like friends can (say) have the benefit of being able to PM other friends on the site. I suppose to some it’s important for them to have a list of friends 29 pages long but I don’t care. Funnily enough, earlier on today I was looking at my very short list of friends and thinking that they needed pruning a little 😀

For me, friends are the family you get to choose so I’m a little fussy. 😉