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@illegalsmile55 You are Fucking Pathetic! At least I’m alerting you when I’m trash talking you. I’m not even trash talking you; it’s the truth. One only needs to look at your epic gem of a forum failure last night to see just how stupid you really are! Exposing ‘traitor’s’, like @Der Kopfsammler & @ButterBallBobby acting all big & bad,like some Lesbian Dyke Mama pod boss, trying to kiss the Warden’s ass, by being nothing but the squealing pig you are, ratting out your Fucking cell mates bitch; only to get caught by them, forcing you to turn right around & admitting that you are nothing but a backstabbing rat bitch; thereby, defeating your own/only/main purpose to begin with—trying to ass kiss your way,to where, exactly? Think anyone,especially, @acnesca, or, @Happy, are ever going to trust you again? I would hope not! You stupid idiot, the least you could’ve done was kept up the denial, stuck with the lie’s; to at least try to save your own ass; you stupid idiot, no, you folded like the little coward you are! Brilliant, aren’t you?? Even your good friend Lisa couldn’t wait to get in on this forum, she didn’t even have to say 1 fucking word either; all she had to do was post a screen shot to show everyone just how much she ducking hates you. You’re lucky she didn’t get her hands on you; you wouldn’t be here. You might have actually physically been torn/ripped a new one, I do believe she was on a mission; she showed up fo ra reason. Fucking dumbass and look where you are now; sitting right beside your good ‘buddy’, Cody, aka,@heriitic, now, aka @Berry3xo; Big Mr. MGTOW, who, just late last night/early this morning, changed his user name to @Berry3xo, &, then, opened up his forun–@Cherry3xo! Do you see where I’m going with this? How utterly fucking stupid do you think you look/are right now? You backstabbing stupid Fucking cunt. You get a fucking life, bitch!