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Mr Spock

LOL, I like your style, Psychotherapist.

I always wonder why the social convention is to think that women have been oppressed, or that it is somehow a disadvantage to be a woman in today’s society. This is not Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia. Women here a allowed the same opportunities as men. It’s just that they don’t always seize them. It’s not because they are less capable, it’s because they are less egoistical and ambitious. They tend to go for jobs/careers that they enjoy rather than those that pay well. Ones which won’t impact their social lives.

And I can tell you something else. If a man and a woman have the same job in a company, and the SAME pay, more will be expected from the man. Also, faults are tolerated in women, but not so in men. Not even minor ones.
This has been my experience. So I have never really understood why women think they are oppressed.

And also like you say, there are lots of beta males to flock to them.

I’d say it’s good fun being female 🙂