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I agree with alot of what you have said but I would suggest you just say american law unless you specifically want us to get the connotation of “racist law by racist europeans”.

I would suggest bkack women have it just as hard in africa in their own countries. As for racism, it is rife in africa as well. Have you seen tribal competition between hottentots and bantu tribes in south africa or kenya or even what mozambique blacks go through in south africa?

I reckon us law is going back to a feudal model ie game of thrones world. Many are excited or see a romantic view of it especially best gore watchers eg see all our slayer heros comments.

What they forget is that they may not be born into a ruling house, even if strong warriors or comely women they wont always be able to protect their weaker or uglier loved ones.

Old warriors get gout,arthritis and cataracts and sex kittens get fat and old. Thats when the barbarians come hunting chopping your head off ,gutting your fat old wife or sister and buttfucking your under age children or grandchildren.
The world will revert to a very cold cruel place.

So dont let one percenters and their zionist pals make all the rules or you might find yourself as a real life extra in GOT!